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Weather? - 11/25/00 06:18 PM

I am coming to Belize on 12/2 and have seen terrible weather reports for this past week and next week - cooler and rain every day? Is this typical this time of year? I don't dive and wonder what there will be to do on rainy days in AC. Any info would be appreciated! Was hoping to get some sun! [Linked Image]
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Re: Weather? - 11/25/00 08:05 PM

Nearly all of the weather reports refer to the mainland area or Belize City. The cayes weather is usually less rain and more breeze and sun. I have been to AC many times at this time of year and have found the weather to be mostly sunny and hot with cooling offshore breezes interspersed with short rain showers in the early morning and early evening. All in all very pleasant. Go and enjoy. It is not a major worry. If you do get one day of rain which is unlikely, find a friendly beach bar and enjoy the conversation and drinks.

Posted By: mina

Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 03:51 AM

Thanks a bunch, anyone else have experience of this past week? Curious what the weather actually was considering the reports said ran every day!
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 04:32 AM

Mina.....I live on Ambergris Caye. We have had some rain this past week....but only a day or two that really involved the whole day.

The rain here typically comes in the form of early morning showers.....usually not lasting long. It has been sunny most of the day here...and then a little overcast this evening. In other words it blows over pretty quickly.

I don't think it will mess up your entire trip. Of watch.....I tell you that and then it rains the whole week you are here....and you will blame me....LOL [Linked Image]

Let's hope not!

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Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 08:32 AM

Sandshaker is right. The rain he come but only in spurts. This time of year you can set your clock on it. 5 am. rain...7 pm...rain, really not a problem if you are adventurous enough to come here in the first place.
Posted By: Daemyon

Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 09:58 PM

Do they sell umbrellas where you live?
Posted By: mina

Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 10:16 PM

I am coming from New England so defintely I have an umbrella...just didn't want to use it! Well what can you do...we're going so we have to hope and pray for some sun!
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Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 11:30 PM

Hey Mina,
I grew up in New England. ANY weather in AC will beat New England weather in Dec!!!! Unless you melt, a lot of outdoor things can be done in the rain - it's warm you know. Just plan to enjoy yourself and you will. jude
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Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 11:37 PM

Just bring one of those cheap little plastic raincoats or ponchos that roll up into almost nothing, if you are concerned. When I was there a year ago November, we were out souvenier shopping one day and got caught in a short downpour. We thought it was hilarious and it was nice for me to be almost cool for little bit. The rain stopped and we dried out right away, but I did wish I'd had a little poncho with me but it sure wasn't necessary.

The showers never bothered us a bit. We'd just seek shelter and have a Beliken, until it stopped.
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Re: Weather? - 11/27/00 11:45 PM

Thanks everyone...I'm not concerned...just in dire need of sunshine for mental health sakes! Our last vacation this summer it rained (and was cold) the entire time so we have bad luck...Can't wait though! [Linked Image]
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Re: Weather? - 11/29/00 12:06 AM

Alright, now I starting to worry - it's supposed to rain every single day for the next week and beyond?! How can that be? You guys must be washing awy down there! I've got to stop reading these forecasts - please tell me the sun wil shine again! [Linked Image]
Posted By: Jenn

Re: Weather? - 11/29/00 05:16 PM

Mina, quit reading the weather reports and don't worry. When I was in SP last November (a couple trips ago) it rained the entire time, no joke. BUT I had a fabulous time, and so did all the people I met who had never been before! Noone complained for more than a minute, and I have already met some of them down there since! It really won't put a damper on your vacation, maybe just your tan. Go and have a blast!! [Linked Image]
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Re: Weather? - 11/29/00 07:29 PM

Hi, I just got back from AC and it did rain or was cloudy 5 of th 7 days we were there. We still had a great vacation anyway. The only thing I wish I had packed was a sweat shirt because there was one day it was a little chilly.
Posted By: mina

Re: Weather? - 11/29/00 09:16 PM

Booblers, can you recommend some good rainy day AC activities? Keeping in mind that we aren't divers? We are spending the first couple of days in the Cayo area so we are already schedule for various ruins and rainforest tours...was coming to AC for th sun and relaxation time! Any recommendations would be great - glad you had a good time!
Posted By: Debbie

Re: Weather? - 11/29/00 09:57 PM

We went sailing one day. A day trip to Caye Caulker. The weather was glorious that morning but clouded over in the afternoon while at shark ray alley. It started to pour, and a small squall blew in. I was a bit concerned as I had my two boys with me, but they were EXCITED about it. It was quite a trip home. I enjoyed sailing in the rain myself. My kids thought it was great. Smiles all around. A very unique and exciting adventure. Didn't ruin our fun in the least!!!!! The boys still talk about it. Cool and refreshing..... Have fun. "Don't worry, bout a ting. Coz, every little ting, gonna be ah right......."
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Re: Weather? - 11/30/00 07:34 PM

I lived in New Hampshire for 4 years, and if you're worried about rain, don't...there is NO ass-pocket-deep snow, the rain chases the flies away and it keeps the dust down, but it ain't no monsoon!!! Besides, when people speak of it getting 'cool', they mean the temperature dipped into the 70's...brrrrr!!!!
Hee, hee, hee...better yet, bring a good paperback or two, and get quietly sloshed, then leave them for the locals when you split. They need them, badly!
Posted By: booblers

Re: Weather? - 11/30/00 08:38 PM

Mina, When it rained we would go to a little bar or resturaunt if we wanted to get out or read. I brought three books and read them all while we were on vacation. We also had tv so my boyfriend kept busy by watching espn sport updates. We just relaxed and that was the best part. As for the sweatshirt, I would definitly pack it or a light jacket. It was chilly, not everytime it rained, but the one day it was not 70 degrees. It was not freezing but it was chilly enough to have on long sleeves. I am from NJ and also know what cold weather feels like.
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