Another weather question...

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Another weather question... - 12/05/00 02:21 PM

Just looked in at the weather website, and the extended forecast looked pretty soggy...scattered rain, except for Sunday, which called for scattered T'storms! Is the rain down there like it is in Florida, where it rains like crazy, then is gone quite suddenly? Or has it been gloomy all the time? Just wondered if it will affect plans for diving and snorkelling- will the boats still go out? Just curious if I need to bring lots of books to read, just in case...
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/05/00 05:43 PM

Just got back from a week at Paradise Villas. Rained steady for 1st 2 days. Still went diving. Vis only about 40 ft. Didn't seem like a tropical shower to me. Completely overcast. San Pedro streets very muddy with puddles. Still had a great time and will go back for the diving.
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/05/00 06:04 PM

I've found that looking at weather sites doesn't always give an accurate picture.

The weather on the island and the mainland are very different too. We have those nice breezes that tend to blow the rain right on through.
We have had quite a bit of rain lately, but not too many days where it rained all day.

Typically, on the island, we get morning and evening showers but it has been sunny and hot during most of the daytime hours.
Now this's a little cool....70-ish.....but that is probably a welcome figure for most of you from the states!

Diving is very possible....I've even gone in the rain. I mean your gonna get wet anyway, right?....LOL
You may lose some light and visability, but it's still spectacular!

Bring your books just in case....just not a library. [Linked Image]
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/05/00 07:35 PM

Thanks to you both...hey, anything beats working, right? What is average visibility for the areas around AC? We also are planning a trip out to the Blue Hole, so I would imagine that the dive conditions out there are superior to the reefs closer to the mainland. See you Saturday!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/05/00 07:36 PM

So Cloud9, what did you think of Paradise Villas? My husband and I will be staying there in March. Thanks for the info!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/05/00 08:12 PM

My husband and I and our two boys, 16 and 12 stayed at Paradise Villas last June for 6 days. It was absolutely wonderful. They had cold beer and sodas for the kids waiting when we arrived (arranged in advance). The grounds were simply gorgeous and meticulously maintained. The pool was very nice, and has a swim up bar. It's not operational, but we set a small cooler on it with our refreshments, and you can also set up a blender down there for those wonderful tropical drinks. A small grocery is only a two minute walk from the complex. The rooms were cheerful and tastefully decorated. Some are completely air conditioned and some have a window unit in the bedroom. Ours had the window unit, but was strong enough to cool the entire condo if all the doors were left open. They were clean and the maid service was first rate. We got what ever we requested, a foot bath outside the front door for sandy toes, a BBQ grill for our patio, laundry service for our wet, soppy beach towels (we brought our own). If you choose to rent a golf cart, there are little parking spaces outside or alongside your room to park them. The small beach area is gated, and just beyond it was the Hustler Tours dock, so we didn't even have to go very far for our tours, snorkel equipment or fishing. The dock is nice and they have some small artificial reefs just off the end for snorkeling. It's just a 5 minute walk to the heart of town (along the beach). They also have night security, so I felt very safe walking home late at night. The kitchens were fully equipped and very nice to have. With two teenage boys, they ate constantly!!! Marki (a woman) in the office is a doll and will do anything for you. She even got us a doctor when my boy got sick. You'll have a wonderful time. I would stay there again.

Re: Another weather question... - 12/06/00 01:00 AM

Listen to Debbie, geez she's good. There are many places to stay on the rock, but PV is one of the best.

(She did unintentionally neglect to mention that San Pedro is fun. I mean why go there if it wasn't?)

Anybody else think that AC is fun or am I alone on this?

Yer welcome.

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Re: Another weather question... - 12/06/00 03:53 PM

AC is definately fun, and I've never even had one of those blue drinks!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/06/00 08:37 PM

Hi Sunkissed, My stay at PV was good. I had a 2 BR. One of which was a Murphy bed. It was fine. Didn't have hot water one day. I had originally been booked at Banyon Bay Villas. Because of Kieth I got to PV. I'm very glad, because PV is in the middle of what and where I needed to be. The dock is right there. Grocery , right there. They deliver also. Restuarannts all within a few minutes walk.I would recommend Paradise Villas to freinds. After all , I was there for the diving which was great
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 12:49 AM

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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 01:39 AM

Thanks everyone! You can read as much as you want about a place but it's always reassuring to here from you all who have actually stayed there. And ChooChoo just for you I will try one of your blue drinks. I've never been invisible it fun??
Thanks again I appreciate you guys!!!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 04:34 AM

Go ahead and have a bunch of them there blue drinks. When you barf you'll never forget it!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 11:07 AM

I just remembered what those damned blue drinks were called when I used to bartend:
"Blue Balls"!!! No joke, ees troo!
Vodka, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, and pineapple juice, if I remember correctly...

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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 11:59 AM

Geez, you'll hurt yourself with that triple sec and pineapple juice.

Equal parts vodka, Bombay Sapphire, and a 1/4 shot of Blue Curacao. Bombs Away!
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 02:39 PM

Yum! It's amazing the information you'll get just by asking about the weather! [Linked Image] BTW, is it still raining?

Re: Another weather question... - 12/07/00 04:05 PM

The closer you get to January the less likely long periods of rain are. It was still raining on Monday, and had been for several days.

I was told that the sand streets were beginning to resemble large roller coasters. Now that's nothing new with a lot of rain, but the adjective "large" was very specific. Never fear, by now, as usual, the town board's grader has been out and the infrastructure now looks like I-70. OK, who's going to believe that?
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Re: Another weather question... - 12/08/00 03:37 PM

Not me! But we're coming anyway!! Leaving tomorrow out of Miami...should arrive around 3 pm, according to our itinerary. Save a rollercoaster ride for us!
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