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Posted By: Escaping the Cold

Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/05/01 04:50 AM

Where can I obtain an accurate weather forcast of what it's like on the Caye? I keep reading postings that say the weather in Belize (mainland) is quite different from AC. The weather board associated with this site only shows Belize. HELP!
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/05/01 10:10 AM

OK. Come here ...Lick yor finger... what do you think?
Posted By: flyguy

Re: Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/05/01 01:25 PM

we just got home
2 weeks ago a cold front cooled things down only high 70's in the day time.
last week warm and nice.
you can not use the mainland forcast
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/05/01 04:18 PM

Sorry Escaping.....I haven't found one yet.

*shaking head*
You're not correct!.....LOL [Linked Image]
Posted By: PondHead

Re: Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/06/01 04:36 AM

There is a time and temperature indication at //

I assume it reflects the current conditons in San Pedro. ???!
Posted By: Bonehead

Re: Accurate Weather Forecast - 02/07/01 05:16 AM

try (my favorite) or

Accuweather has several reporting stations throughout Belize, onshore and off, although San Pedro is not one of them for some reason. You can still get a pretty good sense of what's going on, generally.
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