weather in September????

Posted By: Ryan

weather in September???? - 03/19/01 02:44 AM

I'm hoping to come down in September, but am worried about the weather. I know that time of year is hurricane season around the virgin islands area, but don't know what to expect that far west in the Carribean. Anybody have any experiences? Please, please, please help...
Posted By: Marty

Re: weather in September???? - 03/19/01 06:53 PM

thats a tad on the early side for hurricanes lately, i guess its possible though.

I wouldn't plan around possible storms, they are WAY too random.
Posted By: Ryan

Re: weather in September???? - 03/20/01 03:33 AM

It's for my honeymoon, and I'd absolutely HATE to pick the monsoon season or get stuck inside for 7 whole days. Not that getting stuck inside would be all that bad..., but I'd sure like to get out and enjoy the beach and the rest of the island in the sunshine, too.
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: weather in September???? - 03/20/01 03:51 AM

We went to AC last September and the weather was great! Hurricane Keith plowed through two weeks later. You can never tell. However, we have been going to the Carribean (usually to Mexico/Mayan Riviera area) for the past 7 years in September and have never had bad weather...always warm, some rain at night and maybe some scattered showers during the day, but for the most part, great weather. Don't worry about it! Have a great time!
Posted By: jlslks

Re: weather in September???? - 03/20/01 03:51 AM

Maybe you could get married sooner,Plenty time from now to Sept...... (just joking)
Posted By: jp2k1

Re: weather in September???? - 04/05/01 01:11 AM

I'm also thinking about spending my honeymoon in AC during the middle of September toward the end. Therefore, I would appreciate if anyone can say whether it is a good month to go or not. I know that it is hurrican season; however, is AC really affected by hurricane?

Oh yes, I cannot move my wedding sooner. This is not an option [Linked Image]

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: weather in September???? - 04/05/01 01:39 AM

we went in '93 in september. the day we flew in was terrible. airplane had to make 3 passes over the runway at bz city before we could see it. we thought we were gonna die for real that time. the next 10 days were just perfect. a bit on the hot side. drizzled twice, that's it. loved it.
Posted By: Mary and Scott

Re: weather in September???? - 04/05/01 03:46 AM

jp2k1..see our earlier post on this topic. ?We actually plan on September for our fall vacation because the rates are much better. As previously stated, we have been to the region (however,mostly to the north in the Mexican Mayan Riviera area)every year for the past 7 years and have never had a problem. As we said, two weeks after we left last year Hurricane Keith blew through. Storms are possible anytime in the fall, but your chances are great that you will have wonderful weather. Enjoy!
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