2018 Belize Rainfall

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2018 Belize Rainfall - 01/02/19 04:41 PM

From Belmopan...

December was dry, less than half the typical rainfall, but then again October was very wet. 2018 saw very erratic rain conditions, far from typical.

[Linked Image]

The heavy blue verticals are the daily rainfall as shown on the left and right scales.
The 4 lines are all /5 scale, to show a more meaningful indication.
The small dotted dark line is the Typical monthly rain averages.
The dashed dark line is the actual monthly averages for 2018, high in Jan, Feb and Oct, and low in Jun, Jul, Sep, Dec.
The light Blue line is effective water in the ground that all plants can access.
The light Green line is deeper water that deep rooted plants can access, and is slower to change.
Posted By: Marty

Re: 2018 Belize Rainfall - 01/02/19 07:03 PM

Belize Weather is or can be very variable over time.

Look at the running daytime and night time temperatures for Belmopan below. If you look at 2011 to 2014 then there is no change, if you look at 2015 then there is a rapid rise, similar for 2004 - 2005, ( 2004 was a very cold year, 2005 was a very hot year. )
But 2015 - 2016 show a rapid decline, even lower when looking at 2009 - 2017.

Basically you can not get meaningful information by looking at just a few years.
I believe the absolute minimum time period is 20 years, preferably 50 years and only 200 years is really meaningful.

I can not say I am aware of any significant change in Belize Temperatures or rainfall over the last 50 years of my own experience. [ So what does that tell you. ] Personal experience or pouring over data from remote sources. ? The Sea Level against Belize City has not changed in those 50 years by more or less than about 2" ( 50mm ) p.s. ( Records I have got from a specialised source do actually sort of confirm my figures. )

[Linked Image]

But this message is meant to be about RAIN over recent years and how each year can be very different.
This is the North Belmopan Average RAINFALL and rain days, over the last 20 years or so.

[Linked Image]

You can see how different each year has been.
This actually means that AVERAGE monthly figures are rather meaningless.
Just yet another statistic some people and organisations like to play with.

By the way, most years, by the end of each year, the total Annual rainfalls are usually very close to the Annual averages.
Annual Average > [Linked Image] mm ( 84" ) for 2018
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