Posted By: cubfan

Weather - 01/27/02 05:34 PM

I have checked on the internet for weather forecasts and found Belize City, but not AC.
Is there a big diffence in the weather/temp? We arrive 2/4 and was just wondering about typical day/night ranges.

Re: Weather - 01/29/02 01:48 AM

I'm pretty sure I ask the same question last year.Think I was told something to the effect don't worry about the weather just get down here and you'll find it to be exceptional.The Belize City weather is pretty close to what you will find other than not quite as much rain-at least while we were there last year.As far as day/night I can tell you last year this same time we were fortunate enough to never break out the light jackets we took.Sure hopeing for more of the same this time around. Hope to see you around!! duane and barb
Posted By: Marty

Re: Weather - 01/29/02 02:57 AM

Thats about right! bring a light jacket in case you are out on a boat at night, but thats about it!
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