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phones - 10/04/05 03:25 AM

what has been peoples experience with cell phones for both local (belize) and international (US) calls. Thanks
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 01:51 PM

You need a GSM phone. T-Mobile should work.

You can buy a prepaid SIM card locally to reduce your cost of local calls.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 05:10 PM

I kept hearing this as well. Then when we were sitting around one night when we were there last month, my US Cingular cell phone rang. It was a friend from home who didn't know we had left for Belize already. We talked all of about 2 minutes - perfect connection. I have no idea how much the bill will be - don't have it yet.

I never tried to call home and my secretary told me she was unable to leave voice mail if my phone was turned on. She did leave voicemail for the friend/co-worker traveling with us, who generally had her cell turned off. However, neither of us could access our voice mail from Belize. My friend did call home from her cell. Don't know what it cost her.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 08:44 PM

I'm so confused. Where does one get a GSM phone? Is there a contract involed or is it pre-paid? Does anyone have an idea on the cost of having a phone installed in ones home?
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 09:46 PM

GSM is mobile communication system. T-Mobile and Cingular uses this system. So if you have their service, your cellphone is most likely a GSM phone. A GSM phone requires a SIM card to work. The SIM card contains your mobile account info. You can use other SIM cards and put them in your phone. As GBZ39 suggested, you can buy a local SIM card in Belize to incur only local charges, not international which is very pricey. You get a local Belize phone number with it, too. However, your GSM phone needs to be unlocked to be able to use other SIM cards.

If you don't have a GSM phone, you can buy them without a contract which is kind of expensive. Maybe you can look on ebay. When buying, make sure the phone is unlocked and has a band of 1900MHz. You can also buy the pre-paid phones (T-Mobile is cheaper). But again, you have to unlock these phones first before you can use it with other SIM cards.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 09:50 PM

You can buy some on the island or ebay. Make sure it is unlocked and supports 1900 mhz. I have used a Nokia 8290 and a Sony Ericsson T616. You can by a Digicell prepaid phone card for calling around the island. I have never tried to call back to the states. I know Cingular offers roaming but you have to call them to turn it on and it is over $3 US per minute. Use one of the internet places for us calls as they are about $1 bz per minute. Or do like us and just use email.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 10:23 PM

My friend did not have to call Cingular to turn on roaming. She just dialed from her cell phone as regular and was able to get through to the states. We used the phone in our room for local calls - so don't know how that would have worked.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 11:24 PM

Law, I never actually tried the Cingular card. I read on the website you had to call and get it turned on. I just bought the Digicell sim card to use on the island.
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Re: phones - 10/04/05 11:39 PM

...for what it's worth (a lot to anyone either living or vacationing on the northern part of the island who might want to get a Digicell signal) BTL recently installed a new antenna up this way, on the grounds at Sundiver. You now no longer need to stand out at the end of your pier or climb onto your roof top or up the tallest tree to get a signal!!! I have no idea how far reaching the signal now goes (anyone?) but I'd guess it covers up to Costa Maya or thereabouts??? The only problem is now we have to sit here and listen to people's cell phones ring!!!
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Re: phones - 10/05/05 12:02 AM

Hey k
where did you get your card put in?
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Re: phones - 10/05/05 12:11 AM

C's right in town puts them in. Middle street. Very cheap.
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Re: phones - 10/05/05 12:25 AM

Ke, C's?

Are these in US or BZ Dollars?

I just wanna have an idea how much they charge per minute local call.

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Re: phones - 10/05/05 12:34 AM

BZ, but if you're only here for a short time you'll want prepaid not a plan. The intial install is $60 for the SIM and comes with a $10 prepaid card.

Your best bet on the phone is an unlocked GSM Tri or Quad band, I've yet to have a problem getting a phone hooked up using that criteria.

Digicell PrePaid Service Call Rates (per minute)

The first number is PEAK, the second is OFF PEAK

DigiCell PrePaid to other DigiCell $0.85 $0.60
DigiCell PrePaid to Analogue Cellular $0.85 $0.60
DigiCell PrePaid to Regular Telephone $0.85 $0.60
Regular Telephone to DigiCell PrePaid $0.55 $0.30
Standard Analogue Cellular to DigiCell PrePaid $0.55 $0.30
PrePaid Analogue Cellular to DigiCell PrePaid $0.90 $0.70

Peak hours = 6:00 a.m. to 7:59 p.m., Monday to Friday,
Off Peak hours = 8:00 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. Monday to Friday and all weekend long.

Wish those were Pesos not BZ$'s
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Re: phones - 10/05/05 02:16 PM

Your phone, if GSM 1900 band, should be locked to your US service provider. You will need to unlock your phone for it to work with a BTL Digicell chip. The cost is normally $BZ65.00 and $BZ50 for the chip. All incoming calls are free, for reception, the caller will be billed.

You can rent a phone, turn key at C's for $US10 per day and pay as you go for calls.

C's Phones and CDs
Pescador Drive (middle street)
San Pedro
[email protected]

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Re: phones - 10/05/05 11:16 PM

Refusing to actually use/buy/rent/lease a cell, I am therefore uneducated so bear with me here.

If one has his/her phone unlocked and the sim replaced, what happens when the vaca is over? How/who reinstalls the original sim? If not user friendly, I'm assuming one would have to pay the fee all over again to re-install. Yes? No?
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Re: phones - 10/06/05 12:10 AM

I'm sorta in the klc camp here - vacation is all about NOT being accessible - so I was shocked to hear my phone ring. But since I now know it works in San Pedro, unless you plan to be on the phone A LOT, what would be the advantage of changing out the sim card - how many calls would you have to make to make it worth the expense - especially if you have to pay another fee to reverse the changes?
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Re: phones - 10/06/05 12:24 AM

The SIM card switch is very easy and can be done yourself (by most people). You take your US SIM out put in the Digicel card then reverse when you come back. The money left on the Digicel prepaid card is good for about 2 years. So you just put the card back in when you are down next and have the same number. I bought my sim card package at the money exchange place across the street from C's (don't remember the name but it was a white and green bldg). It was nice when running around the island and wanting to find out where people were. Only called on the island. Just checked email when I wanted to see about back at home.
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Re: phones - 10/06/05 09:51 PM


Not all phones use sim cards like Verizon doens't. If someone uses a GMS 1900 band digital phone in the US (Cingular) or anywhere (Mexico - TelCel) they can swap out the sim card (chip) here. Most phones will require unlocking as most cell providers lock the phone not allowing customers to switch providers. Once unlocked the phone will work all over the work, where GSM 1900 is used, including back home in the US with your stateside provider.

It can help to have a phone to call for a pizze or arrange a tour or make dinner reservations but not a necessity for all.

Have fun in Belize all!

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Re: phones - 11/02/05 12:19 AM

Just to update though, if you do not use the sim card for three months it is lost as well as the time on it, and you will need to buy a new number.
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Re: phones - 11/02/05 04:04 AM

I have Verizon and it doesn't work in BZ nor does it have a SIMS card. I bought a cellular phone from Cellular Abroad. No monthly charge, just have to buy the cards to charge it up for minutes. I think it's a good way to go. We'll be staying on SP for 30 to 60 days at a time and it should work well....better than paying a non-refundable deposit for a land line.

Re: phones - 11/02/05 11:25 PM

Ok, still confused. can i unlock my own cingular phone? if so how? i have a phone i do not use anymore so i would like to use it during my several trips a year to ac. anyone?? confused
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Re: phones - 11/02/05 11:30 PM

Just take it to the Cingular store and ask them if it is unlocked, that is the easiest way to know for sure. I bought a Cingular pay as you go phone to use while we are back in the States for a few months and they told me it was unlocked and usable when we got back to Belize. I will let you know in a couple of months. Just go to one of the main stores, not any of the mall kiosks, as they do not know.

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Re: phones - 11/05/05 02:00 PM

Anyone ever try Skype? Download it FREE from You can talk to anyone anywhere over your computer FOR FREE!

I "called" someone in Romania a couple of days ago and the connection was perfect. Best of all, it was FREE!

If the hotel you're staying at has a wireless connection, you're set.
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Re: phones - 11/05/05 06:25 PM

If you don't like Skype because of the security issues it has had, try Gizmo Project.

For the AC locals: I asked the CEO if they offer Belize numbers, he said no, but that they are certainly trying to offer more international numbers.

If you don't feel like you're using Vonage enough to justify the monthly fee, I'd definitely check out one of these options.
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Re: phones - 11/06/05 01:17 AM

does any know if Manta Rocks has the wireless connection? also how do I access it with my laptop?
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Re: phones - 11/06/05 04:51 AM

Hi all
We were in AC in September and tried to use our cell phone, which did not work. but when we got home, they could not reprogram my phone, said it was stuck on a cell!! Anyone find it?!
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