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internet - 12/16/02 04:50 AM

This is my first contribution to this site...have to say that I have been enjoying it for months..... My reason for writing is that I am totally po'd with BTL's service for internet. We live here in Ambergris Caye and 90% of the time we cannot get a connection above 26 Kbsp... thus making it impossible to download information from a lot of sites on the web. It is especially annoying to us when our children try to send photos by email from Canada and it it takes 20 minutes to download a dozen small photos!!!!! Am I alone in this .... could I be at fault in some way? I am so upset with them.... and they are so expensive.....which is one thing I could accept if I could get decent service. Anybody out there have some comments or suggestions?
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Re: internet - 12/16/02 05:09 AM

At your request BTL will check for noise and make sure you have a clear, quiet line. This usually improves the speed a great deal. You do have a faster modem?
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Re: internet - 12/16/02 06:13 AM

You should do a search of old threads on this bbs for "satellite" and "internet" and you will find info on how to get satellite internet in Belize. Equipment is expensive but monthly charges are around $70-80 US per month for unlimited access (except when the satellite goes down in bad weather...) If you are on the net a lot you will get the most bang for your buck, if you have the bucks.
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Re: internet - 12/16/02 11:04 AM


Were all in the same boat


Instead of posting $44 Million in profits maybe they should improve there service and equipment,

The moment a reputable competition comes in BTL is HISTORY.
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Re: internet - 12/16/02 11:05 AM

I will say its better than nothing though

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Re: internet - 12/16/02 02:24 PM

Satellite Internet:
Ken: 226-2310
Jackson: 226-3420

Re: internet - 12/16/02 04:17 PM

i would trade my dsl for a life on ac anyday. now did i just put things in prospective for yall.
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Re: internet - 12/16/02 04:50 PM

We came to San Pedro a few years ago from Canada and placed our kids in internet school in a Canadian school district.
Did not take me long to switch to a satellite broadband once I realized the cost from btl.
Recently my wife and I have went to Houston for training with DiRECWAY Satellite Broadband. We are now dealers and installers for that company. We can also service the equipment.
We selected training from this company because they are huge in the industry and now have a satellite in a favorable position for us. This means that you can use the small dish that is so nice and easy to deal with.
Once installed the cost is only $59.00 a month .. 24 hours connection and a high speed on at that.
Please email me at [email protected] for more information or post your e-mail and will get back you if you wish.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: internet - 12/17/02 05:00 PM

Belize has come a long way in a short time - if you had a little more sense of perspective perhaps you would not complain. Until recently there was no cellular phone service in the country of Belize, and very limited land-line service. When we moved here, many folks on the island communicated by way of two-way radios, and the Pier Lounge kept their base station open as a central clearing house for urgent messages. Electricity was in the heart of town only, and was made by noisey diesel generators that worked "most of the time". All sewage disposal was via septic systems in town, and the tap water came from a central well ....... even the nicest hotels in town had no water for showers at 7:30 am. If you found lettuce for sale once a month you felt you had hit the jackpot in the veggie department. Internet is here - that is GOOD news. BTL is not a great company - we all suffer for their greed and inefficiency - "BUT" - if anybody is coming here thinking Belize will meet the technical standards set by first-world countries, then they will be disappointed. In Belize we are still trying to get running water to villages, and shoes on kid's feet. Large number of people in this country still have dirt floors in their homes and have never been to the dentist.
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 07:27 PM

Putting things in perspective, internet service is not a real high priority, however what I do resent is being charged so much for a truly inferior service. I agree that Belize is a developing country and as such, we never ever expected to have the same services, technology, etc. that is available in the US or Canada. That is part of the charm... however, I believe that to just sit back and accept things as they are without question because "this is a developing country" is rather stupid to say the least. Somehow, I just dont see the relation between expecting a decent service that you pay for and for example, getting floors put in houses! Of course the things you mentioned are much, much more important than internet service... I just dont see what one has to do with the other?
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 08:28 PM

I'm with ya, Diane.
It's extremely difficult to wait for things, but that's what it's all about in Belize.
Patience is a virtue.

R&D Perhaps mailing the photos would be a better choice. (for now)
It's very difficult to understand Belize. With all it's beauty, it still has flaws that no one will understand. It's their country. They know how to deal the best way they can, we should too.

Not being negative, just realistic.

Holiday Greetings
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 08:40 PM

I'm with Gay. If you live on AC, you don't get to complain! Ever. Even if aliens are attacking and pulling all your body hairs out one at a time, you do NOT get to compain. Got it? :p
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 09:18 PM

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Re: internet - 12/17/02 09:22 PM

I hear ya!!! AND I wouldnt trade living here in AC for any old high speed internet service either!!! However, that being said, I still plan to look into other alternatives for service. Guess Ms. Campbells post just sort of caught me off guard.....kind of reminded me of my Dad telling me...." When I was a kid, we walked 10 miles to school, winter and summer, and WITHOUT SHOES!!! so dont even think of complaining about riding the school bus of 2 hours a day!!!!"
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 10:24 PM

Some expats fit in here and some don't... ever.
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Re: internet - 12/17/02 10:40 PM

At least there are alternatives to BTL as far as internet goes, and nothing is more expensive than BTL. Things change every day. On BTL I never get more than 26400 connection, but i don't really care. Different strokes I guess.
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Re: internet - 12/18/02 04:41 AM

Can tell you a few things, we have lived all over the world, from Algeria to Singapore, Greece. Spain, Canada, US., etc. etc. As an expat, I can guarantee that I will fit in better than 99% of the population. I have carried one primary belief with me and that is that I respect the people, culture and status of whatever country we happen to be in!!! I dont have toaccept their beliefs as my own, but I certainly respect their beliefs!!! So far it has worked great and we have had the most wonderful experiences ever in whatever country we were living in.....and we have great friends in each of those countries that we still are in contact with regularly, so.... once again, I have to ask, what in the h...... does this all have to do with poor internet service....I simply asked a question....does anyone else have this problem, is it me....what can I do?? And I really appreciate all the constructive info I have received. If someone can show me that BTL's Lord is putting shoes on kids (which by they way they may not want or need) floors in houses, or dentist trips with my internet fees, Man, I'll just a keep on paying!!!!!!
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Re: internet - 12/18/02 10:32 AM

Of course, the high cost of internet access has absolutely nothing to do with people living on dirt floors and not being able to see a dentist (other than the fact that the same common factor (political corruption) has a relationship to both issues.
The problem is, of course, the monopoly system. Lack of competition causes high rates and poor service...and it is also a primary factor in the lack of telecom infrastructure in remote less affluent rural areas.
Monopolies are common in the developing world, Belize is not unique. Actually, in the more populated areas, the Belize telecom infrastructure is pretty good compared to many of its neighbors. The problem is more that the monopoly (or soon to be duopoly) system funnels so much money into pol/crony pockets that there is not enough available to keep the system running as well as it should be.
As you have pointed out, the issue is the huge gap between price and quality of service. If the service is unreliable but the price is low, most people learn to live with it. It's combination of very very high cost and poor service that pisses people off.
We have the same problems with cable in the US. Lack of competition always leads to high prices and bad service.
Internet service quality will go up and rates will go down when the powers that be decide that they will make more money by tolerating competition than by stifling it.
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Re: internet - 12/29/03 04:19 PM

StarBand remains working in Belize but the newer model DiRECWAY 6000 will now provide a better service. The DW6000 system is now $2000 US installed, and cost is $59/month + tax.

For questions regarding the Direcway, Starband, or SkyBlue products please visit the forums at and click on "Internet Via Satellite outside USA"

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