Marrying a Belizean

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Marrying a Belizean - 01/09/02 10:52 PM

This is a question just for my general knowledge. I was wondering how things like residency and work permits change for an American when he/she marries a Belizean. I know that generally when a foreigner moves down to Belize they must live there for a year before obtaining residency and 6 months before getting a work permit. Does this change at all when marrying a Belizean? Plus, how are Americans accepted into the community once they marry a Belizean? Hope someone out there can help and thanks in advance. Melissa
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/10/02 09:53 AM

You will still have to have a work permit...I didn't have to wait 6 months to get it.
Not sure if they still have the dependents was $75 BZ for one year.

I never noticed any attitudes from the locals for being American. Belize is a melting pot for sure....and everyone seems to live in harmony regardless of your origin.

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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 02:34 AM

Heck, i'll marry one!! Kidding Rick!!!! Love you!!!!!!! How about a switch? We go there and a couple from there come here??? They can even have our jobs!!! LOL Coconut
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 03:32 AM

Thats a pretty good idea-I'm sure you could find someone to take you up on that-lol. Who can resist the men down there-most of them cute and nice. Melissa
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 03:54 AM

Who can?....I can!

Careful Melissa....don't let cute and nice lure you.
Make sure you pick someone that can carry on a conversation....preferably on your level and about things you are interested in.
Make sure he can read and write...a lot of the guys don't....they just wing it.
And most of all....make sure he knows what the words WORK and JOB mean!!!!!

Been there done I speak from experience.

If they ask for a drink, a cigarette or a meal within the first 2 hours after you've met them.....RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

Cute and nice ain't cute and nice for too long when you are the only one paying for things.

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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 04:04 AM

LOL, that's too funny Sandshaker!!

What I like to do, is when they ask me to buy them a drink, I say, "Didn't you mean to say, you'd like to buy *me* a drink?" They melt away pretty fast.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 06:04 AM

I was just wondering who you were planning on marrying. Email me and I will give you the scoop on my Belizean love affair. I hope it is not who I am thinking. But I think I may be right.
Jackie-remember 08/2001
[email protected]
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 02:46 PM

LOL @ Seashell.....Good one! everytime too, huh?.....hahahaha

Ojackieo..I see you've been there and done that don't it?

Seashell....I got tired of even talking to them....I resorted to just rolling my eyes and giving them an "eat sh*t look"....LOL
That works real good too.....they know they ain't impressing you....LOL
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 03:57 PM

Been there and done that in a big way. I learned a very very expensive lesson. But you live and learn. There is a first time for everything. Now I know that will be my last time. Some are very good scam artists, but I am not saying that each case is the same. I am just saying that I know from my experience. I am afraid to even go back, but I will at some time in my life.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 04:32 PM

I thought this might happen and thats why I almost didn't write this post. I have no intention of marrying someone down there-and even if I did I wouldn't start thinking about it for a long time. While I was down there over Christmas I noticed quite a few Belizean men w/American women and I was just wondering about it. Yes, there is someone down there that I keep in touch with but marriage-not right now. But thanks for the warnings anyway guys. Melissa
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/11/02 04:39 PM

haha. My daughter met a guy when we were down there last July. They hung out together some, and she was so impressed that he didn't drink. Then one night he drank, and she knew why he hadn't.

End of story.
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/12/02 04:26 PM

I know a number of Belizean men who are very hard working, intellegent and responsible people. It is very unfair for some of you to categorize them as not. There are also a number of them that are married to non-Belizeans that are happilly married and raising families. If I were looking for a wife, I would not be searching in places where I had to buy her a drink to talk to her. Now if we want to start a topic about the qualities of the American women who come to Belize and hang out in the bars waiting for someone to buy them a drink, I think we will probably find that they do not all fit into one category. Just a man's perspective who has "been there and done that". LOL
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/12/02 06:57 PM

LOL! Touche!
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/12/02 09:18 PM

You're right...a bar is not the best place to find a life-long mate.

And as far as ALL Belizean men as whole being bad....I'm sure that is not true...just as it wouldn't be true of men as a whole from any country. There are always good and bad everywhere you go.

I just think it's prudent to check out any potential match and not get caught up in the surroundings or that smooth caribbean accent they like to lavish on you....LOL

It's a good idea to enter into a long courtship...sort of a trial and error period....whether you are talking about Belize men or any other kind of man.

I lost my head once and acted very stupid. Learned a valuable and expensive lesson.
That is my only reason for replying to this particular post.
Hind sight is 20/20...LOL...always! [Linked Image]

I hope you weren't offended too wasn't intended. [Linked Image]

P.S. Bad women are just as prevalent as bad men....I'll concede to that...LOL

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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/12/02 10:06 PM

I could not have said it better. I was speaking of my own experience,also. There is good and bad in everyone like sandshaker said. What happened to me was my own fault. I have been to 12 different carribean islands. I have seen both sides. The girls at work at the bar or on the beach and the guys at work in the clubs. For all those years of traveling I never had the label "one of those tourist girls". But I labeled myself for life after this one. My lesson was very valuable to me in both aspects of the word money and values. So you live and learn and honestly I really wish it would have worked out for me and I would have been one of those American girls married to a good, hardworking and honest Belizean because they are all in all good people. What was done to me could have been very well done by an American right in my own backyard.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/13/02 05:39 PM

Rick and I met in a bar some 9 years ago......still much in love and best friends!!! Goes without saying "you just never know"!!!!! C
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/13/02 09:01 PM

Hey, I picked my husband up on the beach in Southern California. That was 23 years ago and we're still married.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/14/02 01:15 AM

bywarren, I buy my own drinks. On occasion I'll let a guy buy me some drinks if he'd like to do so. No reason not to be gracious from time to time. What I was talking about was a way of getting rid of the moocher guys. Sometimes I even buy the local guys a drink but not because they asked, but because I feel like it. If they ask, they generally don't get.

Like you Sandshaker, I've also had to give the evil look. It works pretty well too. But I prefer to figure out how to handle things with humor.

I even enjoy some of these guys. They might be what they are but some of them are entertaining.

I also really like to dance, so if they ask me to dance, I'm generally going to say yes. That doesn't mean anything else is going to happen.

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Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/15/02 08:12 AM

Marry a Belizean? lol...I read all the posts and was just enjoying all the input. Having been raised there, I will do my little input. Depends on what you want or expect out of the marriage. Belize guys are absolutely adorable..LOL. Smooth talkers, funny, great dancers, party animals. They like to be waited on hand and foot lol. Now living on an island does make you lazy....and hey, if you got some money and don't have to worry about anything...well, a Belize guy would be only too happy to join you. Now there is also the hard working man, who is quite different. Like I said, depends on what you want. Also is not readily available to sometimes even if you want to can't. So a certain lifestyle has developed in Belize over the years. I think it's the typical Island way though, I believe it's like this in all the Carribean. All in all I don't think Belize guys are that different really. I never married one lol.


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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/15/02 02:50 PM

OK, ladies. I can see by some of your comments that there is a need for me to break the unspoken othe of my male brethren and inform you that many times when we offer to buy you a drink in the bar, it is not because we have a proposal of marriage on our mind. Let me see if I can use the analogy of snorkling in a way to make my point. When you put on your bikinis and go to Shark Ray Alley, you might see some angel fish. But more realistically, you are going to see sharks. The reason being, that some of you that have come before have not had ,shall we say, the highest of morels. Some have not only taken pictures of the sharks, but have actually gone so far as to feed them. And being creatures of habit, at least the males have learned that Shark Ray Alley is a place where they have a good chance of being fed. And even if they don't get fed, at least they get to see girls swimming in bikinis. Now, it has yet to be scientifically proven, but it is believed that once in a while, some of these sharks actually turn into angle fish. This hold true for sharks in all waters, not just Belize sharks. So ladies, go for a swim. But if you look like you have food in your hand and you get bit, just remember that shark behavior has developed over thousands of years.
Posted By: seashell

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/15/02 03:24 PM

bywarren, thanks for the advice. I never would have guessed that a man offering to buy me a drink did not have a marriage proposal on his mind. I'm more surprised than I could possibly be. It never would have occurred to me that he could be behaving like boys the world over, whether he is a tourist offering the drink (most likely scenario) or a local (but it does still happen from time to time).

It is not necessary to reject all comers just to prove that you don't have shark food in your hand.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 04:13 AM

LMAO [Linked Image] are funny! [Linked Image]
It's don't have to tell the shark women of less that prudish morals know that a lot of guys use the old "Can I buy you a drink" line when they want to get laid...not married....LOL
Especially when their eyes are glazed and their speech is slurred.....LOL It's a dead give-a-way! [Linked Image]

I think the problem we were having in this case was they weren't asking to buy US a drink.....they were asking us to buy THEM a drink....LOL....oh yea and can I "Borrow" a cigarette to..(he says as he slobbers all over you....YUK).....LOL Like I'd want that cigarette back after he smokes it!

This is where the "Eat Shit" look comes in....LOL....and if he doesn't take that hint....well....something strange happens to that damn bar stool.....LOL...I just can't figure it out...hmmm?
(I'm checking the legs out as he is rolling around on the floor trying to figure out how to get up....LOL) (I lean over and say.."Are you alright???) LOL

Usually by this time he is so confused and dazed...from being horizontal and the room spinning....that he doesn't even know who I am anymore...LOL Works everytime! [Linked Image]

When he gets up....he is now talking to the blonde who was sitting next to me....wondering where in the hell is that drink and cigarette she gave him.....LMAO!!!

I'll have to admit....sometimes it's the best entertainment there is on that island.....LOL [Linked Image]

Cheers Girls! [Linked Image]
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 06:02 AM

you go girl....and forget the "eat shit look", i tend to be more brutally honest and just tell them, "Eat shit, and in your dreams".....i guess that's why they call me "Spitfire"???? And if we're low on cash, Rick will pretend he doesn't know me and some guy will start buying me drinks, after i've had a few, i'll introduce Rick as my husband....LOL...horrible ain't I?? That's what they get for assuming anything else...we'll drink ya'lls money!!! C
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 12:56 PM

Cheri: I recall you making a comment about looking forward to moving to Belize and, I believe your words were, helping to contribute by "teaching the Belizean's social skills", which at the time struck me as being a little condencending. But I now see by your talents in procuring drinks, you should be able to help the moochers refine that skill.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 02:14 PM

LOL..those are called "Survival Skills" intended on keeping your cash from being separated from your pocket.

"Social Skills" are where you make sure to appoint someone to keep an eye on you so you don't end up on the ground like my wasted friend...LOL [Linked Image]
Always very embarrassing the next day when you have to ask..."Did I do anything stupid?" ....Ugh!

Cheri....LOL...yes, I can just hear you saying that! [Linked Image]

I'm just lazy...I don't even want to have to open my mouth and waste my breath.....LOL
I was having a drink in Fido's one night with Silk...and some....ummmm....fellow that had been harassing her earlier in the day came strolling in. She says.."uh he comes.." LOL..gave him "the look" as he strolled over to the table....LOL
He made a side-swipe-circle all the way back around to the bar..then out the door....LOL

She says.."How do you do that?"
I told her..wait and see...after you have been here long will have it perfected too! [Linked Image] I think she does now!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 03:14 PM

bywarren-nope...not "social skills"-helping in reading, writing and math skills. Lighten up, us gals are just having a little fun!!! Social skills are more like saying "yes ma'am/sir, thank you's, and what fork to use....i've conquered the thank you part, but could care a less about the forks!! lol...C
Posted By: M-A Gaffney

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 04:03 PM

And now for something completely different . . . sensible info regarding cultural differences.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 04:13 PM

WOW....good site...that's one I hadn't seen b/4.....Thanks MA
Posted By: bywarren

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 05:26 PM

No problem Cheri. Glad you have a good sense of humor. I thought after I wrote that, you might take offense which it was in no means intended. But it is just one guy outnumbered by you gals, trying to uphold the male side. Admititadly, a sometimes difficult job.
Posted By: IslandinParadise

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 07:10 PM

Thats a great site-I've never seen it before either and I thought I had seen every website on Belize-lol. Thanks a bunch-Melissa
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/16/02 09:23 PM

Great site.....good info.

Marriage is a life altering experience for both sexes no matter the culture or country, so says Chloe.
Posted By: Mosquitorose

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/17/02 05:35 AM

Great site Ma..and yes Chloe...marriage is a life altering experience. The trick is to give it time to make it work. LOL

Posted By: KimBehindDoorNbr3

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/18/02 04:31 PM

Wait back up the truck!

You're *not* supposed to marry every guy who buys you a drink!?! I think we just explained what happened to my missing '20's years!!! ;-)
Posted By: Pilgrim

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/18/02 09:28 PM

Oh...Oh Someone needs to go back and reread Burdrick & Lederer's The Ugly American. LOL
Just a thought.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/19/02 08:50 PM

I just got my computer back, its been in for repairs for 3 weeks.

Straight talk on this subject:
Its so true what Tammy said about going out and being approached without ANY encouragement, some guys sense a vulnerability, and I've never experienced anything like this in the U.S. Its predatory. I'm just there to listen to the music and spend time with my friend and I end up having to get out my anti-man spray. I've had to learn my own methods for this...
I just don't really go out much more anymore. Also, there's not a whole big nightlife here on Caye Caulker.

I read what you had to say on the subject Warren, and I agree with most everything you said, but these guys are sooooooo smooooth, and if you're an American woman and dont understand the fact that it's mostly B.S., you can get sucked right in. Fa true.

I see silly women coming down here to get layed all the time, and the one thing they dont understand or care about is that Belize has the 2nd highest AIDS percentage per capita in the WORLD! I've NEVER seen a used condom on the beach or in the street.
Posted By: Sandshaker

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/20/02 02:47 AM

EWWWWWWWW.....LOL....thank God for that!
Hahahaha! [Linked Image]

Seriously true!
So if you ARE gonna mess around....PLEASE be safe! Mucho Importante!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 01/27/02 03:25 AM

I married a Belizean and this is what I have just finished doing. First, get a dependecy permit 75BZ for the year, so you don't have to stamp your passport every month. You have to wait 2 years to apply for nationality, after you get that at any time you can apply for a passport. To get a work permit, it is easier once you have a dependency permit. Prices of all permits, nationality etc are different from the normal when you are married to a Belizean.
Hope this helps
Posted By: gabriellabell

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 02/09/02 06:20 AM

melissa, I have a lot of the same questions as you, and no so much marry, but about moving down. The guy I like is not really a belizian, he is guatemalen and is applying to get a belize passport. So I have a million questions. I would like to go to caye caulker and start a small business. Does anyone know anywhere I could get info about that? I was wondering if the guy in question is rambo, I met him a few weeks ago and he mentioned a girl named melissa, email me please if you like, i'd love to have someone to talk to about this situation.
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Re: Marrying a Belizean - 02/09/02 02:57 PM

gabriellabell-I would love to e-mail you so we could chat. Could you please either post your e-mail address or drop me a line at [email protected] Thanks-melissa
Posted By: mish

Re: Marrying a Belizean - 02/20/02 11:00 PM

Just read up on all this "marriage" talk. I wondered about it for a while also, as I THOUGHT I might end up travelling down that road. Not the case. After living there for 2 years, I have to say...the men are smooth, charming, fun, and very used to their current life style. If you choose to take the route of marrying a Belizian, my only advice is that you ask around about him. If most of the islanders laugh and say "oh, so you know him? Hahaha" this is a good sign to ask a few more questions, such as "how many girlfriends does he have?". Not to be mean and categorize the men, but a lot of them prefer NOT to be monogamous. But, there are also several very good, kind, fun, incredible men down there who are perfect.

As for the visas and such, you can get a residency without marrying someone. You don't NEED to marry someone to live down there. Just so you know.
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