CptRon, just curious

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CptRon, just curious - 06/19/02 07:02 PM

Hey CptRon,
Just curious as to what type of biz you'll be starting and what is yourtime frame. I am seriously looking into some sort of something that my belizian "family" and I may
pursue as far as working and living in bz, probably along the lines of a restaurant, bar, few cabanas on the mainland. Doing lots of research, asking lots of questions. What is your time frame? I'll be down in July and am interested in visiting with any and all who are also of the same mind. If interested in talking e me at [email protected] Later
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Re: CptRon, just curious - 06/22/02 03:06 PM

Well i just found an old parrothead friend of mine. He's got a bigger boat than i do and is ready to go soon as possible.
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Re: CptRon, just curious - 06/22/02 03:44 PM

I suspect at the latest i'll be there sept. 1st but i plan to leave before then so i can get things settled.
My friend in the states and i have come up with a business venture sure to do well. We already know of it's success in other areas of the world. i would tell you here but this is a public domain.
The beauty of the venture is that the profits will become the money to pay off the money aready owed for the purchasing of a island in Belize. all the othere money which is from trusts, investments and other monies. I will want to invest in a bar,village and you know what i mean. At the moment i've done alot of research. I plan to make the move very soon. I would like to have reliable people to be apart of some of the ventures. keep in touch


I have a apartment almost ready to be had. but its all not taken care off yet at the moment.
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Re: CptRon, just curious - 06/23/02 03:08 PM

Hey CptRon,
How does one get hold of you privatly? I have a couple of questions Id like to ask tho not in public ;-) You can email me at [email protected] Thanks!

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Re: CptRon, just curious - 06/25/02 03:56 PM

Captain Ron,

I would also like to ask you a couple of questions if you don't mind. Leaving the rat race behind at the end of september and looking to "work to live & not live to work." My email is [email protected]


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