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living in Belize - 08/20/02 05:49 AM

I am currently looking to relocate. The only reason I don't have a date yet is because I would like to be more secure with employment or living first. I have been "treveling/living in new places" for the last two years. I would love to get out of the country (currently in wisconsin, usa) but not sure about what thet might all entail. I have a family friend who is taking a chef job at a resort in Belize and his family is passing along my email to him regarding work for me. I don't really know much about Belize to be honest I know where it's located, I know there are many areas that you can chose from, but I don't know of anyone who can give me input. That's where I'm at. If I'm too premature with me asking for info from this chat room, I apologize. I never know the best way to researcha new area, but I always figure ask people who really know, who live there. So...
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You've come to the right place for info as their are many that live here that post on this board. Just keep in mind that you will get different opinions from many of us.
No matter where you go on the planet Earth, you will have positives and negatives. It's up to you to decide if you can deal with Belize as a package.

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I think most of us here will agree that you need to make a visit to Belize before you even begin to plan. You may get here and find out this is not for you at all and can save yourself a lot of time and worry.

You should also research all the Belize websites to get a better picture of what is in store for you. You would do well to visit Lan Sluder's website which has tons of info on moving to and living in Belize.
His web link is:

It probably also wouldn't hurt to visit some of the Belize government sites.
Try these:

This should give you enough to start with.
There is nothing like first hand information though so do plan a trip before you go any further.

If you need more help, please feel free to ask. [Linked Image]
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You're kind of broad at the moment. Narrow down what you want to do, what sort of lifestyle you want to pursue and how it fits in with where you are in your life at the moment. Moving to Belize could well be a once-only, giving you little chance of moving back to where you came from in the same style. This may not be a problem but consider a: yourself; b: family; c: friends, d: lifestyle; e: career. They may sound the obvious things, and they are, but sometimes a situation is irreversible. Belize is not paradise. it is a life changing experience. Just think.
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Advice so far is dead on.

Belize IS a 3rd world country. Job opportunities are very limited and jobs for foreigners generally are in tourist related areas unless you wish to start your own business.

A work permit would be required for the first year (USD$800) and you must have a sponsor. You can get residency after the first year and then you don't need a work permit.

What area of the country are you interested in? If you don't know, then what activities do you wish to persue (this will give us an idea where to start)

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Re: living in Belize - 08/21/02 03:15 AM

Wow, you guys/gals are all great. I hope I don't take up too much of your time since obviously I have alot to learn. Thanks for the message board tip. I'm embarrased but honest to say I couldn't figure out how to "reply" before. I didn't SEE the reply on the bottom. I guess all in all I'm quite intimidated, but willing to try anyway. I am going to start with the info you all sent. I also have someone here who is looking at taking a job there so that's why I was considering it, so I'll find out more details from him. I really appreciate all you help and knowledge. I know I haven't been specific but that's because I haven't ever been out of the country yet so I don't know what to expect. I probably should check out the sites you all recommend, however I came across yours first when I looked up Belize in a search engine. I'll do some more homework and if you don't mind check back with you when you know more. Thanks much. wookie
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Wookie, I am also in Wisconsin (Milwaukee) and am moving to Belize with my husband. However we have been there, to several of the areas. Before deciding to move we were tourists. That is what you should do. Don't decide to move to a place you have not been. Investigate and travel the country first. Write me at [email protected]
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