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Posted By: BelizeWater

House Rental Rates - 10/18/02 10:19 PM

Hi to all,haven't been here for ages.

I'm just curious about rental rates for houses or condos in Belize City, Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker.

Looking to rent a place long term, something suitable for a family, 2-3 bedroom. Could you give me an idea of price and in your opinion, which place is better for a family.

Are there nice residential areas in Belize City or is the crime high?

Also, how long does it take on the water taxi from Ambergris or Caye Caulker? What time do they start in the AM?
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 02:39 AM

Belize Water, are you the lady, that I recognized by your voice at Cannibal's in San Pedro one day, more than one year ago?????
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 03:53 AM

nope sorry, I'm Tracy, Engineer for Consolidated Water, we operate Belize Water on Ambergris. I was on this board a lot during the hurricane (can't remember the name) almost two years ago when all communication was down. Trying to get permission to land there to bring in supplies to get the water plant operational after the hurricane.

I had brought back videos to show everyone the damage 3 days after the storm and I lingered around for a while after smile now I'm back again
Posted By: Chloe

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 04:23 AM

Tracy, YES
Remember, I said to you, I know you by your voice from hurricane Keith videos you made up and down the streets of San Pedro, with the coca cola can dancing in the dash tray of your golfcart.
Posted By: BelizeWater

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 05:10 PM

hahha, great memory! Forgot about the coke can smile Too funny
Posted By: hunter

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 07:05 PM

Is your main place of work going to be in the city or on Ambergris?

Do your children need schools? If so, what grade level?

Are you partial to modern conveniences or can you make do with the very basics?

Will you have a vehicle?

What is the duration of your stay?

These answers will help determine where to base yourself and what costs you could expect.

Water taxi from the city to Caulker 45 mins., from Caulker to Ambergris, 40 mins, from city to Amnbergris 1hr 20mins. Planes take 10 mins.
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 07:37 PM



[paizanno now sleeps on front porches..AND DOCKS eek ]
Posted By: Chloe

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/19/02 08:41 PM

Good to see you again Tracy.
Tracy your voice is just as recognizable as "Lou Rawls", but not as deep.......LOL
Your posting after Keith were filled with good information, and you were so diligent in keeping everyone well informed.

Wish you luck in finding a rental for your return to Belize.
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/20/02 04:53 AM

I think Paisano should be able to...even welcomed to, sleep whereever he wants!!! Well, almost!!! C
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/20/02 04:16 PM

Hi, I've just figured it out, the voice on the video was mine and Jim and Sandy (they operate the water plant on Ambergris Caye), I still work in Cayman. So I'm sure the voice you heard was one of theirs as I haven't been back there for a while. Unless it was my sister,sounds like me, as she is a resident in CAye Caulker (I've asked there the same question but she's very biased and wants us to live there)but I want to look at all options. We are a family of 4 two, kids, 3 & <1. Would love some input.Also curious to know if anyone has any info regarding leasing rates in the tourism Village or in the area and a contact I could reach thanx
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/20/02 04:59 PM

Belize City and San Pedro are by far the two most expensive places in Belize for rentals.

In upscale areas of Belize City such as West Landivar and Caribbean Shores, you can expect to pay around US$.80 to $1.50 per square foot per month, or about US$800 to $1,500 a month for a 1,000 square-foot two-bedroom apartment. On Ambergris Caye, a modern one-bedroom apartment goes for US$400 to $750 and a two-bedroom condo probably US$850 to $1,600. These rates don't include electric or water, which as you well know are sky-high in Belize.

I'm told the rental market in San Pedro has softened due to the weak U.S. economy, slack tourism and the departure of St. Matthews med school students, but local real estate people will be able to advise you on specifics.

There are some nice and fairly safe areas of Belize City, mostly in the northern and western "suburbs" and in a few upscale apartment buildings such as Marina Towers. But you generally pay California-level rents in these areas.

Caye Caulker rentals are considerably cheaper IF you can find one.

My own personal view as to which is the best place for a family, I'd have to say Caye Caulker as it's a small village (800 people) atmosphere. Of course there are disadvantages associated with being on such a small island, too.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/21/02 05:03 AM

Is your sister Wendy?
Posted By: BelizeWater

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/21/02 01:57 PM

Yes she is laugh
Posted By: BelizeWater

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/21/02 02:05 PM

I take it you know her and Darren? I guess there aren't many people on Caulker from Cayman smile
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Re: House Rental Rates - 10/22/02 07:05 PM

Hello BelizeWater:

I have a house on Caye Caulker that might suit your needs. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Wendy (the other one) Auxillou
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Posted By: BelizeWater

Re: House Rental Rates - 10/23/02 08:00 PM

Thanks for all the info. what would rental rates for homes be in San Pedro? I've been doin some reading and I see there is a lot to offer, schools etc. BTW, any chance there is a tennis court on AC? :-)

Where could I get info on rates for commercial property, store or shop on or near front st?

Trying to look at all options. Will be heading down next month again but would like to make some contacts first. Thanks for the help smile
Posted By: highspeed

Re: House Rental Rates - 11/04/02 04:26 AM

I am the owner of a 3 bedroom 1500 square foot home in San Pedro. Central air, fully furnished and has a pool. I think, and have been told it is probably one of the nicest rentals on the island.

Very reasonably priced.

If you are still interested email me at

[email protected]
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: House Rental Rates - 11/04/02 11:43 PM

On commercial lease rates on Front Street, you will be amazed at the high prices landlords get. Many thousands of US dollars. Some of the prices are as high as prime spots in places like the French Quarter of New Orleans.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: House Rental Rates - 11/05/02 03:57 AM

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