Might be Moving

Posted By: aggie00

Might be Moving - 10/31/02 02:16 AM

I am thinking about moving to AC after the first of the year and I am wondering what Life would be like for a 20 something Gringo in Belize?
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 06:04 AM

There is a song by that name that tells the story well ! :rolleyes:
Posted By: aggie00

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 06:59 AM

What song is that?
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 04:21 PM

I purchased the cd by Dennis Wolfe in SP last summer of "Gringo in Belize". I think Buffet did a version too. Dennis' cd has a bunch of good local stuff on it .I believe it will require a trip to AC to get it though, not a bad requirement IMHO!
You certianly would not want to consider moving there without a few month long, extensively traveled, stay there though.
Posted By: NYgal

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 04:36 PM

I have it by Jerry Jeff Walker too.
Posted By: aggie00

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 06:02 PM

I have another question, Will I be the only one or are there others that have made the move and are living down there?
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 06:30 PM

Aggie, sounds like you havent ever been to San Pedro. If so, then do yourself a favor and make a visit first. Also, spend some time reading posts from the last year right here in this forum, you'll see most of your questions will be answered.
Posted By: silkpainter

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 06:36 PM

All of you that might be offended by the next comment, dont get your panties in a twist-I'm not labeling you OLD.... San Pedro caters to an older crowd of Americans and Canadians, older meaning over 30 (like myself, actually... I'm over 40... but shhhhh!) Caye Caulker attracts the under 30 crowd, backpackers and Europeans. So... what am I doing on Caye Caulker (I ask myself that question sometimes) And the answer to that is... I still think I'm 16. wink
Posted By: aggie00

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 07:33 PM

My main concern is that I am not completely isolated, I have been in that situation before and there is only so much fishing that one can do. By the way how far is CC from AC?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 08:20 PM

Some of the expats in San Pedro may correct me, but I can think of almost no one in his or her 20s who moved to San Pedro from outside the country and stayed very long. Usually they stay a few months and then move on. That's true of most people who move to San Pedro, of any age, but truer of young people.


Because it's a little island (the biggest island off Belize but still small). With a population of less than 5,000 residents. With not a lot to do other than fishing, diving and other water-related activities. With most island residents being from an entirely different cultural background and often speaking Spanish, not English, at home. With only a small expat community, most of whom are retired or nearly so, or who operate tourist-related businesses. With very limited cultural life -- no movie theater, no real art galleries (other than those selling to tourists), no real theater, no NPR radio. With a cost of living that's surprisingly high, in most ways about the same as Florida.

There are expats who have made the transition to long-term San Pedro living successfully. For some people it's just right.

But it's a big world out there. Six billion people. Some 200 countries. Lots to see, lots to do, lots to accomplish. An island 25 miles long, about 1 mile wide and with a few thousand people can get real small real quick.

--Lan Sluder
Posted By: yat

Re: Might be Moving - 10/31/02 11:03 PM

If you're thinking about moving to paradise... then THINK AGAIN and then think about it a little more.

What everyone has said on this board is right on, especially LAN. In my opinion, San Pedro is the greatest place to go to...spend a few weeks...go fishing, snorkeling, drinking beer, walking on the beach, relaxing, listening to BFS and Cat7. Been there, done that for 5 trips and plan on making a lot more trips there once I retire. But I know now that once I'm down in San Pedro for a while, I'll be eventually coming back to New Orleans.

Think about it.
Posted By: LogicalDrives

Re: Might be Moving - 11/01/02 02:41 AM

aggie00; Also, not to plug "someone's" book. smile the Adapter Kit for Belize is very informative.
Being in your twenties is a time for you to taste the fruits of your own country, the US has soooo much more to offer a young person than running off to a third world country to live.
Myself, I traveled the whole US in my twenties and even spent a month in Spain but I alway's came, listen to the board and about Belize before you make any major choice's.


Re: Might be Moving - 11/01/02 05:14 PM

i would suggest that you check it out when you are 20 something. i would have if i could have. now that i am 40 something i have one more life obligation to fulfill before i can make the move. by then i will be 50 something. the people that i have met there that are successful arrived with no children or other obligations and got in on the ground floor of tapping the money to be made. go for it.
Posted By: Grace

Re: Might be Moving - 11/02/02 02:41 AM

Go to the home page and read all the'll learn all you need to know!!!
Posted By: susangg

Re: Might be Moving - 11/02/02 04:33 AM

Actually.....I think that 20 is a great age to spend a year or so in a new long as you can pay your own way (or have a rich daddy to do it, no "jobs" for you on AC). You are young enough to have no responsibilities and adaptable enough to adapt.
I think its a wonderful idea, myself. Whether its AC, or Panama, or someplace else.
My stepdaughter lived on AC for a few months when she was in her early 20's..she loved it. But eventually the dough ran out and she had to go back to work!

Speaking of "isolation," we are moving to an island with no roads, no cars, no telephones (but wireless works and so do satellites!) no utilities, no stores, and maybe 100 people if that. Only way to get around is by boat. It will be an experience...of course, there is a cute little town 15 minutes away by boat and a world class city an hour away by plane, so we can get our urban fix when we need to.....this is in Panama. We'll be growing our own fruits and vegeatables and drinking a tiny little house, just us and the 5 cats! Isla Cristobal makes Ambergris Caye seem positively urban so its all relative....
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Might be Moving - 11/17/02 10:32 PM

except me Lan

I was 24 when I first arrived but your right not many youngsters last

Posted By: TravelinMan

Re: Might be Moving - 11/17/02 11:26 PM

I just had to add my two cents worth:

I came down here a year ago with my wife; we had spent three days here about six months earlier and decided to move here. We are still here. We are a little over 20 but, we still feel that young on occasion. There are a lot of people that age if you include the pilots from Maya Island and Tropic as well as the locals. And guess what? As of last weekend there is a movie theater on the island.

I have traveled my whole life including Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean. I have also lived in many of those places. I think they were all tremendous experiences. My suggestion to you is do what you like. If you think this is the place for you then come on down. In another 10-20 years you will no longer be able to make decisions that only affect you. Take advantage.

The boarders are correct in saying that most people don't stay very long, but I think it's a learning process. You may end up staying here for the rest of your life or you may leave in a week and end up in NY. Let me emphasize that it is good to go off to adventure but, use some common sense with regards to how you will live and eat etc.

God luck and maybe I will see you hear. Of course you I will not speak to you if you are an Aggie!!!
Posted By: rickcheri

Re: Might be Moving - 11/18/02 12:18 AM

make a trip and stay for awhile. When i was in my 20's, i could not have handled it....not enough "to do", and you can't work without a permit. Now that we're "older", we're ready!!! But do yourself a favor-check it out before just packing up and moving!! C
Posted By: Corozal-Bay-Inn

Re: Might be Moving - 11/18/02 07:52 AM

I can not speak about moving to A/C ---but I can speak of moving to mainland Belize---namely to Corozal---thanks to my parents who brought me here---
I moved to Corozal Town, in Northern Belize when I was 7 years old. I will be 40 next week and am still here and still love the place.
Some people can make it and others can not. You have to give it a try. Whatever happens it will be an adventure you will always remember. Go For It! cool
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