customs/bringing in goods

Posted By: tincup

customs/bringing in goods - 10/31/02 03:31 PM

Could someone explain to me what one is allowed to bring into Belize for "personal use", and what things would need to be declared to customs. We are entering the country as visitors, but will be furnishing a house soon and would like to bring in a few household goods that may be difficult to get or very expensive to buy on AC.
Posted By: Axeman

Re: customs/bringing in goods - 10/31/02 03:45 PM

Tincup....wait until Rick and Cheri' get back and email them...Rick has a good handle on shipping to AC.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: customs/bringing in goods - 10/31/02 05:00 PM

Some folks with similar circumstances just arrived - they had 300 lbs of "stuff" for their new house. Husband went to "decalre" line,wife went to Nothing to declare" line. She wisked through, waved him over and then he walked through too. They both explained that they were bringing things for their new house. No duty, no hassle.
The hassle generally comes if you try this routine several times a year - customes officials recognise your face and begin to think you are furnishing a store instead of a house.
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