Posted By: Sean

duties? - 02/10/03 09:07 AM

anyone know about how much cash i'll have to let go of when i cross the border. i know its a very general question but maybe just a rough percentage.
Posted By: Mel S

Re: duties? - 02/10/03 04:38 PM

Hello, Have you ever surfed into this website : ? He has quite abit of info about Belize, but of course he has his own opinions about many issues. Anyway, it is interesting website. Best-Wishes, Mel S......
Posted By: gizabeliza

Re: duties? - 02/19/03 09:17 PM

about duties- many people are shocked. The amount you hav eto pay depends on the blue book value, # of cylinders. If it's a 4 cylinder expect to pay about 45% of value, 6 cylinder last I heard was 88%. It's very steep yes and there's no getting around it. Good luck!
Posted By: Mel S

Re: duties? - 02/23/03 08:39 AM

The duties can be astronomical at times. The last trip in Belize i was carrying a smoker-grill as a gift for a Belizean friend. We entered in the international airport near BZ-city. The Belizean customs wanted me to pay $ 100.00 BZ for a Smoker-Grill from walmart in Missouri, bought $ 24.00 ! I said whoa....i am not going to give you a blue note BZ, for a bloody Grill breda. He asked me for the receipt, and in the grace of God, I still had all the receipts for all the gifts. Remember, always have the slips with you, or you will be poorer.....Later, Mel S....
Posted By: Marty

Re: duties? - 02/24/03 01:28 AM

might be something here, the customs website..

yeah, i paid $100us for a four year old scanner once for the newspaper.

ah well.
Posted By: Mel S

Re: duties? - 02/24/03 03:57 AM

This web-site is helpful ! Thanks Mon. For some reason the custom people on the border between Corazal and Ciudad de Chetumal is more relaxed. They do their jobs well, but you can talk with them about goods. But that is just my own opinion. Best-Wishes, mel.....oh hell, it's snowing again in missouri. right now about 8 inches of wet-snow..........
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