Volunteer Opportunities?

Posted By: Trekker

Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/30/03 09:51 AM

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew of any good works that are going on in Belize... such as humanitarian or agriculture projects or organizations that are located in Belize... I'd really like to contact any possibilities and would really appreciate any advice or suggestions... Thanks a bunch... and this seems to be a great message-board! smile
Posted By: alux

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/30/03 11:38 AM

for agricultural & humanitarian: go to

if you see what you like, email [email protected]

environmental: [email protected]
Posted By: Trekker

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 03/31/03 01:37 AM

Hi Alux!

Thanks so much for the great suggestion... I will follow thru with some research and I much appreciate your input... Hey I posted the same question in the LIVING IN BELIZE forum area... so please feel free to check that out also... It might be best to consolidate the topic there... Two other awesome people such as yourself answered there and this is GREAT!... Are you from Belize? smile
Posted By: Marie

Re: Volunteer Opportunities? - 04/04/03 07:48 AM

If you want to be on AC, you might contact the Saga Society. They do very good work with the beach dogs and cats.
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