Saga Humane Society Wish List

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Saga Humane Society Wish List - 06/20/03 03:20 PM

Greetings boarders,

The Saga Humane Society is looking for persons who may be visiting the island over the next while and who would be interested in donating one or more of the items on our current “wish list”. If you are interested in helping out please e-mail us at for more details.

Saga Wish List

Acepromazine – 25mg:

We use this drug in pill form to tranquilize animals that are being captured during our dog round-ups to lessen the stress on the animal. Our supply is almost completely depleted, as we have been very active the last few weeks. We have placed an order but it is not expected to arrive until the end of July and we only have another weeks supply left. We would greatly appreciate a supply of 100 tablets.

B/W Inkjet Printer (new):

Our printer went on the fritz last week and the price of a new printer down here is ridiculous. The only stipulation is that it have a parallel cable port.

Answering Machine:
What is it with electronics on the island? We can barely decipher the messages on the machine and a new one would be greatly appreciated.

Cat Traps:

We are starting to focus on the ever-increasing cat population on the island. As the dog population decreases the cat population is increasing and we need to capture and care for those felines that are in need of help.

6 Foot Throw Net:

Your local animal control officer could source this item; there are some animals that we just can’t get close to under any circumstances (many of you who have visited have probably seen the large grey hairless dog that is covered in sores, we have been trying to capture and help out this dog for almost a year). Sometimes the old hot dog trick doesn’t work and we need to have a backup.

Assorted Dog Collars (Nylon):

In order to identify dogs as being owned, Saga provides free collars to low income families for their pets (the owner must bring in their pet for a check up in order to receive the collar).

Net Gun:

Okay, this really is a wish item as they are quite expensive but boy would it make life that much easier and radically increase the number of animals that we could safely capture. This item and many other animal control items we could use are available through .

Golf Cart:

Hey, had to try!

Any contribution you can make would be GREATLY appreciated and would be put to excellent use for a great cause.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Saga Humane Society.


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