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info/help - 07/23/03 11:11 PM

I have been reading alot about AC & have fallen in love with it without setting a foot in the sand! Considering investing in property in AC (commercial)...
Does anyone have info on attorney's, banks & accountants in the area? How about school suggestions? Do's & Don't dos? Thinking of making a trip out next month(Aug.)

Any input would help!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: info/help - 07/23/03 11:28 PM

Take it slow and check things out. Look at and email me at [email protected]
Posted By: indygal

Re: info/help - 07/23/03 11:34 PM

Did you read Lan Sluder's books: San Pedro Cool and Belize adapter kit? They would answer most of your questions. Can be bought at The board seems to do better with specific questions. One thing often said is don't jump into buying too quick as, in visit many times and stay a while first. As much as we all love the place, living there is not for everyone. Enjoy your trip, it should be good and HOT.
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Re: info/help - 07/24/03 04:58 AM

Jesse: funny enough, I've been to your site before. I didn't see a contact link, just a telephone number. Will contact you via e-mail, thanks.
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Re: info/help - 07/24/03 05:00 AM

Heading to Barnes & Noble to check out the book too!!
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: info/help - 07/24/03 07:38 AM

C&A: I had visited San Pedro about 6 times in the course of 10 years before I made my residencial purchase. I got to know San Pedro well and still getting to know San Pedro. The search for your place in the sun is at least half the fun. Good luck!! Take care: Bill
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: info/help - 07/24/03 12:47 PM

C&A: You will find banks, attorney, and accounts in Belize no problem. It has been strongly suggested by many on this board that you go slow, spend some time in the country, preferablly a few months or longer before making a commitment finacially or otherwise. Sound advise. You indicated you have children, but don't mention their ages. There are a number of schools available , both public and private and a basic education is again available. Spend some time talking to expats with children and get some input from them. The kind of educational system you are accustomed to may not be the same in Belize. What are your educational aspirations for your children? Some kids seem to adapt very well to returning to the U.S. to contiue their education and others have had a struggle. Just a few things you might want to give thought to if you are thinking of moving a family.
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Re: info/help - 07/25/03 03:12 AM

Thanks for the great advice. I may be in Belize in August. No final plans yet. My daughter is 3yrs old and not quite ready for school yet but I am very thorough in research. I have looked into the Island Academy and so far it appears to be ok.
Has any one heard anything negative about it?

Also, if I make a move to Belize it will be to purchase a hotel/resort type of property. Since it is a large investment, I will definetely be going S... L...O... W... L... Y. smile
Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: info/help - 07/25/03 03:23 AM

C&A , Would be happy to introduce you to some people whose children attend Island Academy. Think the school is highly regarded as well. Good luck in your venture.
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Re: info/help - 07/25/03 06:27 AM

L & T Thank you for your offer! Hopefully I will have time to make a visit to the school on my visit. I may be flying down with investors(hopefully) & will have little time for myself. If not than I will definetely take you up on your offer at a later trip!
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