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re: Family history/relatives - 09/02/03 03:40 PM

i am trying to trace my father's ancestors or relatives that he still may have living in Belize.
Could anybody out there help in anyway, or perhaps point me in the right direction where i could find such help. thank you
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Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/02/03 05:36 PM

Fire away. Send names and last known addresses. Plenty of Avilez still here.
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Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/03/03 12:16 PM

Unfortunately i have very little information relating to my father other than his name and possible place of birth, which were, " Simon Emanuel Avilez ", and i believe his place of birth might have been " Puerto Cortez ". Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/03/03 02:48 PM

Date of birth might be helpful... Any old family stories of people he knew or grew up with???? Siblings? Any old photos with "stuff" written on the back that may be meaningless to you, but helpful to a local? His parents' information... Anything could be a clue.
Posted By: Debbie

Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/03/03 02:53 PM

You know, I posted what information I knew about my grandfather (from the Dominican Republic) on the internet. Sort of a search for lost relatives type site..... YOu log in by ancesteral name. Then leave a message or information. Those who also seek, can match up to you. After about 3 months, I got an email from a guy who thought we were related. WE combined information, and sure enough, I have a wonderful distant cousin who lives in Germany!!!! His grandfather and mine, were brothers. We now correspond frequently, and it's nice to have him around. Don't give up!
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Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/03/03 03:43 PM

fathers name -Simon Emanuel Avilez, unable to provide any addresses, He was 65 in 1974 when he passed away
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/03/03 07:31 PM

Try placing some classified ads in Belizean newspapers - somebody will know something.
Try them all - San Pedro Sun, Amandala, etc.
Also suggest that if your dad was a member of an organized religion here, there might be records available here related to confirmation, baptism, etc.
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Re: re: Family history/relatives - 09/04/03 01:35 PM

As religion has been mentioned, my father raised me as a Catholic so i presume he was a Catholic, but he never accompanied me and my brother to church. I honestly wish i could post some more information btu i just don't know any more than i have already stated. Is there not a a place where births, deaths and marriages are recorded, this might help because i believe he was married prior to coming to England so he may well have family in Belize. Its just a thought. Thanks for your help anyway.
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