Coming to San Pedro for the summer

Posted By: ronda

Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/07/04 03:23 AM

Help. I plan to come to San Pedro for the months of June and July with my four year old son. I am looking for a place to live. I am looking for an efficiency apartment that is affordable (read CHEAP)! Does anyone know of something that might be available? I would love to be in an area where my son will have lots of kids to play with and fairly close to a beach.
Posted By: john robertsdenver

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/07/04 09:20 PM

rhonda, if you want a REALLY CHEAP NO FRILLS place, i stayed at the 'CONCH SHELL HOTEL'.. they are right on the beach in the middle of san pedro, they have kitchen units available and daily maid service and really nice people..keep in mind it is your basic bed showere and stove and fridge, with ceiling fan and floor fan and windows front and back. i got a week package of 5 days diving 2 dives per day at 400.00 dollars. and they have monthly rates without dive packages and i was very happy with the location. there are 2 very nice 'local' places dianitas and i think b and d's ice box, one just around the corner from the hotel and the other just across the street 1/2 a block up on the same 'alley' that the hotel is on both very good and very cheap where the locals (and i ate) regularly) hope this helps. its really quite nice and as my friend in paris would say, "john, it's very well placed!! hope this helps you check it out under lodging on this site . hola john in denver
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/08/04 03:46 PM

Great location!
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/09/04 08:43 AM

...location, location, location.
Posted By: ronda

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/11/04 03:15 AM

Thanks. I will check that out. Are any of you familiar with Mi Casa apartments? They have pretty good rates and an available apartment for the summer. Also, Coral Reef Villas sounds reasonable...any thoughts?

Thanks again for your replies.
Posted By: Or

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 05/12/04 01:19 AM

I love Mi Casa, that is where i stay everytime i go to SP. smile
Posted By: Logan

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 06/04/04 02:57 PM

I have lived for a short time in Mi Casa. The prices are reasonable, and the management is very friendly. I'm not sure about a lot of kids nearby as I didn't really see any, but Kimmie the cat is always around. Mi Casa is about 1/2 mile south of town in a decent location and has a full kitchen. Mi Casa is also in very good shape and newer construction. It also comes with a TV and free cable.

If you are looking for ultra cheap and in town you can check out Ruby's on the beach. They have a 20 us a night price that you can probably negotiate down a bit for a longer stay. It all depends on how you want to slice and dice your quality, location, ammenities, and pricing options. I don't think Ruby's has kitchens etc...
Posted By: coolcat

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 06/08/04 03:34 PM

Aren't there apartmrnts available for like...$450/500 a month??I believe the medical students,among others,live in them.There ar such places not far from Banana Beach.Then there are some super cheap,like $300 a month maybe,near the Tanampa Bar.You will recognize these by their being "sort of" up on stilts.Or you can always asy Rick at the Tanampa Bar Restaurant to show you.
Posted By: papashine

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 06/08/04 06:33 PM

Across the stree from Mi Casa is the miniture golf course/icecream shop, there are always lots of children around. Also the Tennis club is only 1&1/2 blocks away and they have a great swimming pool for the kids.
Posted By: coolcat

Re: Coming to San Pedro for the summer - 06/08/04 07:08 PM

...even $20.00 per night is still roughly $600.00 per month.Can't she do better by arriving,staying a day or two in a cheap hotel until she can find an apartment rental for around $450/500??These will have AC and kitchen stoves etc.which will enable her to not have to eat at restaurants constantly.
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