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Posted By: cindyb

Golf Cart info - 02/21/05 01:58 AM

We will be moving to AC in the next few months and are wondering about bringing a golf cart with us. Shipping costs aside, can anyone advise on the procedure (and cost)to "register" a golf cart. I noticed license plates and some sort of sticker on the ones we rented last week.
Thanks for any help!
Posted By: klcman

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/21/05 06:23 AM

don't take it until you have a permit
Posted By: MandM

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/21/05 10:22 PM

Ditto: ... if you bring a cart, it won't be allowed on the island unless you have a vehicle importation permit issued by the San Pedro Town Board. I was at the traffic department this morning to check on the status of a golf cart permit for my brother-in-law. The application was denied because he does not hold a Belizean drivers license. That was not a requirement when we got our permit, but things change quickly.

Bottom line, I wouldn't bring a cart down unless you are prepared to store it somewhere on the mainland while you wait for the required permit to bring it to the island.
Posted By: trader

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/21/05 11:26 PM

hi I want to bring Atv's and trail bikes as well as scooters and electric bikes to start a rental agency would i need any permits thes ewill be in placencia and other areas in the mainland thanks my email is [email protected]
Posted By: klcman

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/21/05 11:53 PM

it's my understanding, though I could be wrong, that you need a permit for ANY motorized vechile
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/22/05 07:55 PM

No permits are needed for the Placencia penninsula or any other area on the Belize mainland.

Issuance of golf cart permits can be expedited through select rental agencies.
Posted By: cindyb

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/23/05 03:22 AM

Thanks everyone for the info! Looks like we have our work cut out for us.
Posted By: PattiCake

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/26/05 05:32 AM

I wanted this info too. Does one need a driver's licence on AC to operate a golf cart? As it appears they are plated, insured etc. must the driver be licenced as well or shall I just pack the pups and a dogsled (northern joke)...
Posted By: seashell

Re: Golf Cart info - 02/26/05 11:21 AM

IIRC, you must produce your driver's licence to rent a cart and it is recommended that you carry it with you while you are driving, on the off chance that the police ask you to produce it.
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