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Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Cell phone costs - 03/13/05 09:13 AM

Hi! How much is cell phone service here? Can I purchase my own cell in the states and use it when I activate service there? If I am looking for around 300-400 minutes a month, what is the rate and who are the cell providers in AC?

If I get a land line in the place I am renting, can I get voicemail with it. What would something like this cost too?

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Re: Cell phone costs - 03/13/05 04:18 PM

I've never understood the reasoning why anyone would have utility provided voicemail (always at inflated pricing) when a simple answering maxchine does the same thing for a fraction of the price.
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Re: Cell phone costs - 03/13/05 07:31 PM

the reason I was interested in voicemail prices is because I figured it woudl be EXPENSIVE to buy an answering machine there if I will only live there four months....and do not have room to pack one either!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/13/05 07:32 PM

Ke answering machine a so small now, the size of your hand.
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Re: Cell phone costs - 03/13/05 10:17 PM

Voicemail on your cel-phone here is automatic when (no extra charge) you get Digicel service here in Belize.
Bring your digital phone, and have it programmed at a BTL or Digicel office. Guaranteed the service will cost you more than in the US, but if you control your urge to chat you will be able to get by on about $25US a month.
Posted By: Kra-Z-K

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/14/05 01:18 AM

thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it!
Posted By: kippe

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/14/05 03:56 AM

A landline, as a non-belizian will cost you a hefty $1.100Bze deposit, which is refundable when you disconnect service. Voicemail on a lindline is $5.00 a month. Go with digicel and remember if you call a person with a prepaid phone, you will pay charges for the both of you, so be careful chatting! Bring a phone,take it to the BTL office and get your voicemail set up. Have a wonderful time!
Posted By: kangaroo

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/30/05 08:10 AM

talk to your digital phone company first, many (such as verizon) will NOT WORK HERE. I know Nokia works here (b/c phone company can change to right simcard once you get to BZ) but not many others work from what I've heard. Your provider should be able to advise, but don't let them convince you to invest in one of the ridiculously expensive phones they might try to sell you to bring with you and use here. Once I got here I retired my useless verizon and bought a decent nokia in san pedro for $225 BZ which included a $10 digicell credit. I was also able to defer my verizon contract for first three months b/c I'm out of country so be sure to look into that as well. good luck!
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/30/05 03:23 PM

As long as your phone is GSM 1900 and unlocked you can drop in a BTL SIM and it will work without a problem.

I've had no problem with Nokia or Ericsson phones.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Cell phone costs - 03/30/05 06:28 PM

GSM 1900 band digital phones will work in Belize. Check to see if you have a little chip (SIM card) in your phone, usually underneath the battery.

CDMA phones will soon be acceptable also.

Your phone is usually locked to your service provider's network in the US.

C's Phones and CDs on Pescador Drive (Middle Street), tel# 226-4002, can unlock your phone for $US30 and install a BTL Digicell Prepaid SIM card for $US25 including some minutes. After that, its real easy to buy phone cards and add minutes to your phone. The best thing is that incomming calls and voicemail are free. IM service is available also within Belize.

C's currently has a Nokia 1100 activated with $10 phone card for $US150.

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