Bringing personal Items to Belize

Posted By: swanno

Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/25/05 06:33 PM

Hi Guys
After many trips to Belize we finally took the plunge and bought a beachfront condo near San Pedro.
We are coming down next week and are planning to bring lots of personal items with us (sheets, towels, electrical items, kitchen things etc etc), basically 5 or 6 LARGE suitcases.
Now my question..
We are a little concerned about going through customs with so much stuff.
Are there any particular rules on declaring items when we arrive? Or being owners of a property are we allowed to bring in "neccesary personal items" all iems are "used and without price tags". Obviously we do not want to be stuck paying duty on our personal items.

Grateful for any advice anyone can give me

Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/25/05 06:58 PM

You will probably have to pay some duty, so don't be surprised
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/25/05 07:27 PM

Declare as personal items and beg for mercy, there's really no other way around it. Do not fill out the form from the plane! Let them figure it out at the counter, they're much more likely to give you a break. If you fill in the form they have to charge you for what you declared. Have lots of US cash on hand, I'm not sure what would happen if you didn't have enough funds but I wouldn't want to find out.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/25/05 08:28 PM

I would split up the luggage to various friends/family members and enter seperate lines. Only folks with Residency are allowed the exemptions for personal items. If items are returning with you, not duty is imposed. Being creative, some folks do travel with their own linens and some kitchen items (within reason).

I would suggest not going into detail. These folks have heard ALL the excuses and reasons why people feel they should not be charged.

Import Duties are an important revenue source for Belize. You will, most likely, be taxed on some items. They are usually very reasonable and you will make out a lot better than purchasing the same types of items on the Island.

Cash (BZ and US) is accepted at Customs. If you don't have enough, they will hold it for you.

Posted By: lovey and thurston

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/25/05 09:45 PM

I just returned ten days ago and had one bag. They questioned the personal household items (I have residency) but let me thru without paying duty although they indicated I should be charged. Depends on who you get. I can almost guarantee with 6 bags they will charge . Would go thru my bags and see what I could buy in Belize and forget it. Might be worth a trip to Belize City and checking out the prices there. Linens I would definitly bring, as it is impossible to get good one here, but lots of small appliances, dishes and pots and pans are readily available in the city and not worth the chore of lugging it down.
Posted By: swanno

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 06/26/05 04:06 AM

Thanks for the advice.
We will be travelling with our 3 kids so 5 of us in total with 6 bags, so I don't think we will look too conspicuous (where is the spellcheck on this message board!!). We are hardly J Lo travellers normally we travel to San Pedro for 2 weeks with a few T shirts, shorts and the obligatory flip flops.
So if we get through ..great, if we have to pay some duty... c'est la least my wife will be happy with the good quality linen and towels!!

Thanks again
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 07/09/05 08:30 PM

Five of you and 6 bags - this should not be a problem. Just spread the supplies out among the various cases. I would set it up so everyone seems to be brining in supplies for themselves. If they ask you if you plan to take it back home with you and answer is YES!
Posted By: cambriagal

Re: Bringing personal Items to Belize - 07/09/05 08:39 PM

What is the problem with paying a little duty. The rates are not that high. I pay everytime I come in. They are very fair and don't charge what they really could.
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