Lake at Reef Village

Posted By: ScubaLdy

Lake at Reef Village - 08/24/05 12:26 AM

There is now a lake from the north end of Reef Village to the side road where the trucks from the barge come in. These water holes are so deep that the water came across the floor of my golf cart the other day. This was BEFORE the big storm on Saturday night and rain every night since then.
Folks coming down from the north keep tearing down the fence that blocks off the private property across from Reef Village. This means that all the traffic now passes on my property right under my bedroom window. What else are people to do???
Maybe Reef Village should be filling the road with that stuff they are dredging up from the lagoon???
I was told their permit is to dredge sand from the lagoon to fill the road. What sand? It is all black goop. What road? One they are going to build in the lagoon? Thatís where they are piling up the black goop.
This is not the way to win friends and influence people. :p
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/24/05 02:07 PM

Scubaldy, perhaps you should take your concerns and complaints to Jeff Pierce, and get an absolute resolution/response instead of trying to badmouth the development and create problems between the people of Reef Village and the people in your condo units. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about the rain. Likely, the black goop as you call it is probably being put down for a base. It should harden once it dries out, and then sand and possibly cobblestones will be placed on top of it. Now,....should you be prevented from driving on it, since you so oppose the construction? Perhaps we could make a big ol' pot hole filled sandy, dusty road for your development, and ours will be nice, cobblestoned, even, dust free. If you look at the prosposed drawings, and talk to Jeff, you will feel better about all of this. Progress isn't going to happen without stepping on a few toes. Yours seems to be out there being stepped on constantly. You seem to want to complain about everything involved with this project. It's really getting a bit old. I hope you can just give a bit of trust, have a little bit of faith in Jeff. He truly is a nice guy, concerned about the islands future, and is trying to do the best he can, given what he has to work with. If all you want to do is complain, you are only making yourself unhappy. How can you live on that beautiful island, and want to be unhappy? Please, go talk to him. Go to the office across from the airport, and talk to any of the people in there, they will help put your mind at ease. It isn't going to be as bad as you are anticipating. It might even be a nice place once it's done. Just give it some time. cool
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/24/05 02:37 PM

Now that sounds like the right thing to do ??..and doing the right thing is always good for the positive karma..
Posted By: Sun&sand

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/25/05 01:50 PM

Scubaldy, I will be in SP next month, and will do everything I can do to encourage Jeff to make this right. I know it's like an uphill battle to get things accomplished, but remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I'll start squeaking when I'm there.
I don't want ANY of you who live there on the island to think that the people who have purchased these condos are numb to the problems. We are trying to find our little piece of paradise, and unfortunately, in doing so have managed to buy into a place that it appears makes everyone else angry. We aren't responsible for the shortcomings of Reef Village, and as a unit, will be happy to help make it as right as we can. But, please don't hold us responsible for the problems. We cant' control it, especially if we aren't there to intervene. I think we can all act to make this right, and not just wait for someone else to attack the problem.
Let me know if you have any ideas.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/25/05 08:10 PM

"Progress breeds problems" - Rt. Hon. Geroge Cadle Price.

Just a few years back we used to drive right through scubalady's property. Before anything was there, the whole of Bob's flats was a HUGE MUD HOLE! Before that we used to drive on the extreme eastern edge along the water using plywood as bridges.

The entire area has come a long, long way and will some day soon be nicely landscaped and full of trees and nice condos. People on vacation, residents and employees will enjoy this part of Ambergris Caye.

I sure hope it doesn't remain the way it is. With two big blue building all by themselves on reclaimed land.

By the way, isn't the property across from Reef Village for sale? Is the road on this property a surveyed road with public access. I would find it hard for people to get to Coco Loco's without a road giving public access?'s a good thing I didn't try to close the door in 1988 after I got in...

You know what's really cool....The area across from Reef Village was filled with SAND FROM THE CARIBBEAN SEA. Yes, dredged up right from the sea floor just yards from the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. I would think the black goop is a better option than disturbing the sea floor.

Posted By: GailM

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/26/05 03:08 AM

Posted By: M.T.Purse

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 08/26/05 07:16 AM

ScubaLdy, you really should not make your life miserable by being negative all the time. I may be new to this message board, but I have lived on A.C. for many years and I have seen many Scubaldies and developers come and go. If you have a problem with your neighbors, you should talk to them instead of trying to create bad vibes.
Sir Isaac Newton, you're absolutely right!
Posted By: JmHanna

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 09/02/05 07:16 AM

I hate to admit it but I agree with ScuBaldy.
I hope the condition of the road in front of 'Reef Village' is not directly proportionate to the quality of the construction. One would think that in the interest of selling more units that the approach to the 'Model'would be more appealing?
But what do I know? cool
Posted By: Laguna Punta

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 09/03/05 01:07 PM

...I mourn all "progress" after my "progress".
Posted By: cracked up

Re: Lake at Reef Village - 09/03/05 04:47 PM

For the investors/buyers:
Better hope that looks are decieving, sure looks like structural problems. I'm no expert but, I don't think that concrete and block structures are supposed to sag.
If I'm not mistaken, that "black goop" turns back into "black goop" when it rains.
Good Luck
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