Posted By: shuffles

CITY SEWER PROBLEM? - 05/18/06 03:16 PM

Have heard from several folks that there was a break in the sewer lines south of town.... our sewer line does not seem to be flushing out properly Has anyone else heard this or had the problem?
Posted By: JZB

Re: CITY SEWER PROBLEM? - 05/18/06 09:02 PM

So thats what that smell has been the past three days! How far south do you live? I've noticed a REALLY bad odor driving into town mostly starting from about the dump road but it got the most potent at the southern end of the new Wasa pond road.
Posted By: shuffles

Re: CITY SEWER PROBLEM? - 05/18/06 09:49 PM

I am just north of Barefoot Iguana.....but heard that the break was down by the WASA plant, and that it was preventing the pipes from sending waste down........seems to have been just since the rain Tuesday night.....
Posted By: JZB

Re: CITY SEWER PROBLEM? - 05/19/06 01:41 PM

They must have got it fixed by now because the smell is not nearly as bad as it was on Tuesday. I'm strictly on septic so I wouldn't know of any city sewer problems.
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