Espat receives a spanking from P.U.P. Leader Emeritus

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Espat receives a spanking from P.U.P. Leader Emeritus - 07/19/06 06:09 AM

Espat receives a spanking from P.U.P. Leader Emeritus

On Monday Minister of National Development Mark Espat blitzed the airwaves with a thorough reaming of his political enemies, namely fellow Minister Ralph Fonseca and Fonseca's alleged attack dogs, Luke Espat and Winston Smiling. Today the favour was returned in kind, by none other than the father of the nation and Leader Emeritus of the People's United Party, George Price. It seems that on July eleventh Espat wrote Price, asking him to put Smiling, who happens to also be Price's nephew, under manners. Here's the full text of the letter:

“Dear Leader Emeritus,

I trust you remain in good health and spirits, as you were when you were kind enough to receive the Hon. Cordel Hyde and I in your home some months ago.

I write to complain about the public behaviour of Mr. Winston Smiling, your nephew, whose outbursts against Party Leader and Prime Minister Said Musa have recently become more frequent and hostile.

Investors and staff members from the Corozal Free Zone and Party supporters in Belize City have reported that Mr. Smiling has repeatedly attacked the integrity and character of the Party Leader.

That Mr. Smiling is also disrespectful of me as a P.U.P. Minister is not as damaging to the Party's fortunes in Albert as his attacks on the Party Leader are to the Party's fortunes nationally. You have always declared that the Party Leader should enjoy public respect and loyalty, especially, I imagine, from someone like Mr. Smiling who is related to you.

Perhaps you will find it appropriate to counsel Mr. Smiling at an early opportunity.


Mark A. Espat
Albert Representative and P.U.P. Minister”

Never one to miss an opportunity to lecture the young, Price today replied with a pen so sharp you'd think it was a razor blade. I quote:

"Dear Minister,

I received your letter dated July eleventh, 2006, copied to the Party Leader. Since August 2004, I have resisted direct comment on the many attempts to damage those who have worked selflessly for the Party. Now, the blatantly mischievous slant of your letter calls for a response.

My grand nephew is and has been a loyal member and supporter of the People's United Party for decades. He has risked his person and his family in carrying out, without complaint or question, the tasks assigned to him.

His only "outburst" was to express horror as you and your followers attack the Party and its leadership. There were such attacks in the House of Representatives, on the streets, and in some outlets of the media.

As you suggest, I have counselled my grand nephew to continue to be a loyal member of our party and I would give the same counsel to all members of the People's United Party and of its hard work to build a better Belize.


George Price"

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Sometimes these thread titles are so misleading.
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