BEL GST $100 deposit!

Posted By: Marty

BEL GST $100 deposit! - 09/04/06 07:28 PM


I just received my Aug electricity bill. It showed an arrears of $100 not
paid for the July bill. I called BEL to point out their mistake, quoting my
receipt which shows full payment.

Lo and behold, I was told that they are charging all customers who
registered for the new tax, GST a $100 deposit.! I asked under what
authority. I was told "Company Policy" ! I pointed out that as long
standing customer of good standing, I never had been forced to lodge a
deposit. My account was opened before that policy came into being. BEL
then told me. that as far as they were concerned, anyone who registered
under GST was considered a new account, and therefore they had the
authority from the PUC to charge a deposit!

Naturally I called the PUC, sent them copies of all bills and receipts and a
letter asking for their intercession.

BEL stealing from the Belizean customer again !!!

I am refusing to pay this additional $100 and will continue to pay for
electricity used. I have asked the PUC not to allow BEL to cut me off until
this matter is resolved.
Posted By: Marty

Re: BEL GST $100 deposit! - 09/07/06 11:29 PM

from the same friend...

I beat the system.

With the help of the PUC, BEL reversed its $100 extra deposit for GST tax
payers !

A letter of apology saying it was a mistake was sent to me today from
BEL, together with a credit note..
Posted By: coolbummings

Re: BEL GST $100 deposit! - 09/08/06 04:26 PM

This is what happens when a new tax is introduced with little information regarding regulation (hic)....there has been much confusion over this tax.
Posted By: Katie Valk

Re: BEL GST $100 deposit! - 09/08/06 06:59 PM

AND you're supposed to get a credit for the GST charged on your June bill issued in July.
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