Reef Village

Posted By: Zander

Reef Village - 09/19/07 05:55 PM

I paid for my condo in Reef Village and it has been completed for over a year but I still don't have title to my property. I understand that other owners are having a similar experience.

Has anyone heard any credible information on the subject?

Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Reef Village - 09/19/07 06:44 PM

Is strata title available for the development?
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Reef Village - 09/19/07 07:08 PM

We. at Villas @ Del Rio waited for three years for our titles. come to think of it, even though paid for a few months back I have yet to see anything. Welcome to Belize!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Reef Village - 09/19/07 07:51 PM

I think Villas @Del Rio and Reef Village are corporate shares (co-op) not strata titles. I could be wrong but it wouldn't take too many $$ to retain an attorney to check into this for you. [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]

The ins and outs of types of ownership are all safe, it is just a matter of knowing what you bought and what type of ownership documents you should expect to lock away in the safe.

And this is Belize. Processing of titles can be a slow process. But you won't get your title if you don't follow the correct procedures.

Posted By: Zander

Re: Reef Village - 09/20/07 11:31 PM

Our purchase contract indicates that good clear title, free of liens and restrictions, will be provided to the buyer.
Management indicates that strata titles will be provided.

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