"free" textbooks

Posted By: Marty

"free" textbooks - 10/05/07 04:31 PM

from a friend...

Speaking of textbooks. Couple of my day laborers with families, were talking about the so called FREE textbooks. Seems like parents have to sign a paper, that says the textbooks are on LOAN and if damaged at the end of the year in any way, they have to pay for them. They got to turn them in. Torn page, ink blot, scribble mark and you now pay for your FREE LOANED textbook. Different slant on it, from the class of Belizeans that earn $75 a week.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: "free" textbooks - 10/05/07 05:05 PM

That sounds only fair to me, I recall the same rules applied to me as a kid in grade school. Why should the next kid have to suffer if the book is unusable or possibly unavailable if enough have been ruined. Teaches responsibility as well.
Posted By: RI Beth

Re: "free" textbooks - 10/05/07 05:12 PM

I think the rule is great. Much better than having to pay for the books to begin with.
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