Pepper spray??

Posted By: Canukboi

Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 06:25 PM

Hey all,

Had an incident last night where someone tried to break into our apartment complex.

Just wondering if you can get pepper spray or mase anywhere on the island. I would hate to be gone out on business and have my wife there alone to defend herself with a Belikin bottle.

I spoke with the police and the officer there tells me you can get it here, but I'm not sure where...any thoughts?
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 06:53 PM

That"s scary. Not that I like to see any harm come to any one !!! but if a break in should happen any place and the people are home a shot gun blast first in the air and then a second one to the butt will send a message ...Now I do not want to advocate violence but just state a fact !!!!! I know no guns are allowed in Belize .but some criminals have have to protect yourself and family against the s*um bags ..Canukboi where do you live ?? What area .???? wish you the best .Think we need more then pepper spray !!!
Posted By: lil'red

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 06:56 PM

I was told Capt Shark's and Ritchie's store up by the statue carry it.
Posted By: JZB

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 06:58 PM

Not sure where you can find it on the island but I think you can find it at Ace Hardware/Hoffius in Belize City. Have them send some over for you on Tropic Air.
Posted By: Canukboi

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 07:02 PM

OK, just found some at Captain Shark's...they carry it for $34.75 BZ...I think its a good idea for women to have and carry if out at all during the night.

Thanks for the suggestion lil'red
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 07:12 PM

Capt. Jeffs advice could earn you 10 years in prison.
Posted By: Canukboi

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 07:24 PM

Yes, well I am not about to end up in a Belizean prison...I took a look at one near Bz City and it doesn't look pretty.

I went and got pepper spray/military tear gas/invisible UV dye for $58.00 bz...I spoke with the guy from Captian Shark's and he sold one to a lady last week and she got attacked by the new gas station and was able to use it and ward off a rape....more than worth the peace of mind.

Thanks for your help all.
Posted By: pugwash

Re: Pepper spray?? - 02/08/08 07:29 PM

Originally Posted by captjeff
I know no guns are allowed in Belize

Guns are allowed in Belize, but you must be at minimum a resident to obtain a permit: you have to apply ahead of time, including the serial number of the gun, and then you may import it once a permit has been granted.

Only 9mm handguns are allowed, as are Shotguns, but Rifles and Semi's are banned.

This info seems malleable depending on exactly who is giving it though....

The bottom line is that most guns are illegal, as is smoking pot or driving even a golf cart drunk, its just that some illegalities are more illegal than others....thank you George Orwell!
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