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Posted By: Anonymous

Sea Turtle Gift Shop - 03/15/08 02:57 PM

Yesterday my dive computer failed, needing a new battery. Sea Turtle did the job in about 10 minutes and charged me Bz$15.

I have another computer, a Suunto, that cannot be opened except by the factory. Periodically (at least every 18 months) that battery has to be replaced. A nightmare, as it has to go to the USA. Regardless of the costs and delays involved in transportation, Suunto charge around US$50.

Roll on Sea Turtle!
Posted By: pugwash

Re: Sea Turtle Gift Shop - 03/15/08 07:33 PM

With computers such as the older Sherwood Source it’s very easy to change the battery, despite the statement from the manufacturer that the unit must be returned to them for service.

The pressure plate that computes depth is not integral, but rather is mounted on the back of the unit, and the electronics are sealed by an “O ring” inside the unit where the battery is located. If you have one like this, I stongly suggest a spare "O Ring"

I changed batteries in mine several times before I got fed up with forgetting to switch it on prior to getting wet and got a Wisdom, which I love!

It's great to know there is a place in town that can offer a service like this...
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