Posted By: shuffles

AOL/AIM - 05/05/08 01:51 PM

Has anyone else had trouble in the last couple of days signing into their AIM instant messenger? I have never had a problem, and am connected to the internet, but every time I try to connect, it tries, then says "connection lost". Just checking to see if it's some new and improved BTL software before I try anything else.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: AOL/AIM - 05/05/08 02:36 PM

MSN Messenger was up and down all weekend as well. BTL Internet was out for about an hour on Sunday morning.
Posted By: shuffles

Re: AOL/AIM - 05/05/08 02:45 PM

I even went out and downloaded an older version...still won't connect, sincel yesterday morning....
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