Police Public Consultation Meeting

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Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/09/08 10:14 PM

Police/Public Meeting
TOMORROW, Thursday 7PM
High School Auditorium
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/10/08 09:57 PM

Police/Public Meeting.
TONIGHT - 7:00 PM at the High School Auditorium
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/11/08 12:47 AM

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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/11/08 04:53 AM

Belize time start but overall a good meeting with a very good turnout. Lot's of good comments and suggestions, let's hope that ears and minds were open and that they are implemented.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/11/08 05:59 AM

Some remarkable suggestions, at least for who made them.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/11/08 07:59 PM

Any summary available, or articles? Jessie any thing coming in the Daily?
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 02:47 AM

I'll give you what I have:

Manifest lists for all water taxi's (nothing different than the airlines.)

Registration of all individuals renting rooms on the island (nothing different than the checks required for tenants in the US and Canada.)

Mexican system of guilty until proven innocent (ouch.)

Coast guard base to be built at the south tip (great idea.)

Taxi drivers to be the eyes and ears of the police (similar to taxi watches throughout North America.)

Criminals should have less civil rights than law abiding citizens (damn right.)

Community to be notified when criminals are released on bail as they are returned to their last known address (can you say website with pictures.)

Doubling the existing police force (26 officers to 18,000 residents, something is wrong there.)

The ability to anonymously identify and testify against criminals with out fear of retribution (half of our problem.)

Any other contributions?

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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 02:58 AM

Police to be assigned on a more permanent basis without the present rapid them a chance to get to know the area and people...and have a home and family life.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 03:14 AM

Interesting response to that one. I got the impression that the reason they didn't want that was to prevent corruption of the officers. Not a good way to instill a sense of pride in your ranks when you assume that if they stay for an extended time that they will become corrupt.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 03:24 AM

I didnt attend the meeting last night but I did attend the one earlier in the day with the SPBA. One of the suggestions that was mentioned at that meeting was that there would be an increase in tourist police, and that they would no longer be allowed to dictate that they would work 8-5. In other words, we would have tourist police (in theory) walking the beaches at night, riding bikes to patrol, assignments of officers to a particular area, etc. It was mentioned that if there are 12 policemen standing outside Big Daddy's at 3:00 am, it's likely that there is no one in the office to answer the phone. Same with 6 or 8 of them driving around in the pick up. These suggestions were made not by the attendees but by the police themselves, which I thought was a good start.

Personally, I think the suggestion made earlier by Amanda, Chris and maybe Simon was that any officers here need to be paid accordingly so that they can afford to live here and bring their families here. As long as they are compensated the same as every other officer in Belize, San Pedro will continue to be the "punishment posting". Better pay and living quarters, hand wash hand, just like every thing else here.....
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 04:27 AM

Thank all of you for the information. Things are moving foward. I have to admit I was surprised when I talked to officers and they said they were part of the "National Police" and would only be there for a limted time then they were moved to other communities. Very different, but I can understand the rationale on both sides: but if one way is not working then try the other. The is a lot to say for an officer living in a community with his family and getting to know EVERONE. It does take a stron, honest person not to look the other way when a friend gets in trouble.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 06:27 PM

Have street signs on every corner and numbers on every building. The statement was “If you don’t know where you are how can you tell the police, fire department or rescue people?”

The Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. announced the following:
The civilian constable program is to be reinstated.
The Belize Defense Force is to have a visible presence here for at least the next year; rotating assignees every two weeks.
More police requested.

Scott Harnish of the North Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch announced that there are now 12 neighborhood watches and urged people to participate. Marilyn Marx has developed color coded street maps of the entire island and people can get a copy for their area from their neighborhood watch president.

A former police officer asked how it is that crack houses operate in full force but when there is a raid there is nothing there. Who is the tipster?

When anyone sees something illegal taking place call someone; police, your neighbors, etc. AND take pictures.

Straighten out sentencing. Longer sentences for major crimes while having one ganja cigarette gets many years.
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Re: Police Public Consultation Meeting - 07/12/08 06:55 PM

I had a quiet word afterwards with one of the key people in police training, and he said the main reason people are now switched out quickly is that the longer they stay, the greater the likelihood that they will start getting offered and accepting bribes to do "favours". He agreed with me that really the only way to tackle this is to pay them more, especially here on AC where the cost of living is so high.
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