Belize Bound!!!

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Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 03:01 PM

My wife and myself are planning on moving to Belize (specifically the San Pedro area of Ambergris Caye) as soon as are finances are in order. We are still going to have to work, but not a 8 - 5 Monday thru Friday grind. I was just hoping that whoever reads this can answer a few questions we have. How easy is the transition to relocate from America to Belize? Is there any work for a former nanny and Sheriff's Deputy in Belize? Are newly relocated Americans welcome in the area? Really I am just looking for a person who has already made the transition that we plan on making, and anyone who can help; they will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 03:14 PM

Are you coming on the retirement program? Because if so you won't be allowed to work. Hubby would be very welcome to help out the police on a voluntary basis though. Make sure you have enough income - SP is deceptively costly to live in.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 03:20 PM

We are not coming on a retirement plan. Too young, lol. Are there any areas you can advice is safe, affordable, and still has that permanant vacation feel to it?
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 04:49 PM

You'd fit in well in this area. Don't rely on working as you'll find it difficult to get a work permit, especially as there lots of Belizeans unemployed. Lots of areas are safe (not 100% - read this board - but an awful lot safer than many other places). Whether they're affordable depends on your expectations. Beachfront properties here are very costly, but move off the beach and they become much more affordable. For example, I know one vertical duplex quite close to town in very good order that you'd probably get for not much more than $200k.

But really you need to visit for at least a few weeks to see for yourself, sound out realtors, and generally get the feel of the place. Don't make any significant decisions until you've tested them out on the ground.

You say you'll still have to work. I hope you mean something you'll be doing back home. Do NOT depend on working here.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 06:38 PM

We plan on opening/buying a little bar or a souvenir shop near the oceanfront (perferrable, but it really doesn't matter). We plan on coming there atleast 3 or 4 times before we make the leap. That should be enough time for us to make the right connections and see the area so that we can get the most for our money. I appreciate your help and your input. Thank you very much. We'll by you a mojito when we get there. lol. Thanks.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/13/08 07:57 PM

Relocating to the Caribbean was once a dream for most people, but itís becoming more of a reality everyday. More and more people are moving to the Caribbean for the quality of life. Every year, thousands of people are leaving the hectic life back home for
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 01:59 PM

Just wondering if there is anyone on here who has relocated to AC or anywhere in Belize and opened there own business such as: a bar, souvenir shop, scooter rentals, or scuba shop? If so how easy is it to get started? Is it the same BS you get in the states? Or does the Belizean government make it easy seeing that it promotes tourism?
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 02:44 PM

You're much better off trying to come up with an original idea rather than trying to compete with the many businesses that are already in place. There are so many bars that I believe there is a moratorium on licenses (in a meeting the other night it was noted that some licenses are being recalled.) Scooter rentals have been tried many times and all seem to close up shop within a year or so. You'll be competing with MANY well established shops if you go the souvenir route. As for a dive shop you'll need very deep pockets to compete in a very tough industry.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 03:41 PM

Do you have any suggestions on fun happy jobs? I figured the ones I listed on the above had already cornered the market. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a little income in AC? What about a taco I'm just trying to figure out a game plan---the move from here to their is still few years away.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 05:47 PM

Sounds pretty scary for anyone contemplating starting a business...not only do they have moratoriums...but they also recall licenses.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 05:51 PM

License recall is for bars that have been trouble spots.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/14/08 06:15 PM

Jesse....thanks for the clarification.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/21/08 08:42 PM

How about a job for a 30 year makeup artist!? I know. Crazy. I don't really expect to find anything.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/22/08 04:06 PM

Actually, you could probably get hooked up with one of the local saloons. Plenty of young and want to look young local gals here. Especially when there's a funtion going on, which is often.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/22/08 06:15 PM

Hey Callitaday- Def heed the advice of coming here for more than a couple of weeks before you make a decision. I can't tell you how many people have bellied up to the bar with stars in their eyes after only being here for a week during Christmas. Sooooo many people think that they can throw a couple of bucks at "x" gimic and end up losing their a*s. Better listen to "Just Another Gringo in Belize" before hand! Also please remember that licenses won't really be granted to outsiders that could directly compete with the Belizian labor force. This includes bars, food stalls and especially tourist-based businesses. As with anywhere there are work arounds, and Belize is actually ranked one of the top places to do business in Central America and the Caribbean, but you need to have deep pockets and lots and lots of patience. Think of it this way - how hard would it be to open a fully LEGIT business in the US without actually being a citizen or resident? Actually that statement could be debated....
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/24/08 07:26 PM

cracked up, I'm sure you meant "salon" and not "saloon". If you meant the latter, then your post takes on a whole different perspective.
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/24/08 07:33 PM

so it wasn't just me. I read the post and wondered if it was a tongue in cheek comment or simply an innocent typo....
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Re: Belize Bound!!! - 07/24/08 08:02 PM

All the girls get better looking the more time one spends in the "saloon".
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