Noisy Neighboors

Posted By: jenni sharp

Noisy Neighboors - 08/03/08 06:35 AM

While I realize that DFC is not the most posh neighboorhood.... Is it too much to expect your next door neighboors to have some common sence when it comes to keeping the peace. Is there anything that can be done about their contsant screaming and LOUD music??????
Posted By: Tillie

Re: Noisy Neighboors - 08/03/08 07:36 AM

not really.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Noisy Neighboors - 08/03/08 12:20 PM

Sure, call the police. There are noise laws.
Posted By: babyamtzi

Re: Noisy Neighboors - 08/03/08 09:28 PM

Police will surely do something. If they can go and say something to a church about the noise (according to them).
Why wouldn't they help you?
Posted By: Cayemen

Re: Noisy Neighboors - 10/12/09 04:00 AM

Do you have knowlege about these Laws? I also live in DFC and my Neighbor rents out Speakers for Events and Concerts.

Usually he tests them between 6 pm and 3 am. If I complain the it works for just a view hours and then we can Feel the 5000 Watts and the Sub Woofer again, while our whole house is shaking.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Noisy Neighboors - 10/12/09 05:52 PM

Jenni - you seem to have found your own solution. I hope it wasn't primarily for this reason.
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