elementary schools on AC

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elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 12:09 AM

How many elementary schools are there on AC?
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 02:07 AM

Need to ask a more detailed question. What are you lookin to do with the answer?
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 02:18 AM

are you looking for the public schools or a school of a certain affiliation (i.e. private)?
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 02:21 AM

I teach elementary school in a small rural town in Oregon and thought it might be fun for my 3rd grade class to communicate with students in AC. Something we do quite often. Students love it and it is good for them to learn about how others learn.
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 03:03 AM

There are a couple of possibilities that I can think of right away. check out Holy Cross Anglican

Island Academy

There are other schools
Isla Bonita Elementary
Maestro Reyes
New Horizon
St. Peter's Elem.
San Pedro R. C.

I truly don't know much about the "other schools" list other than they were listed in the paper. Hopefully the websites on here will help
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 10:10 AM

L.I.F.E. closed years ago, I had two children going there.
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 08:04 PM

My understanding from conversations with island residents is that the San Pedro Roman Catholic elementary school is the "public" school for the island, financed in part by the government, in part by the Catholic Church and in part through a basic tuition fee. All other elementary schools are operated and funded by private organizations, primarily religious, and significantly greater tuition fees.
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Re: elementary schools on AC - 08/15/08 08:44 PM

You should check out Isla Bonita Elementary for this project. While it is considered private, the tuition fee is significantly less than others and the population is almost exclusively Belizean. My son attended the school for one year and we couldn't have been more impressed with how rigorous the curriculum was as well as the level of parent involvement. The class size is relatively small ( he had 11 in his class) so they are probably a little more adaptable to special projects like this one.
Good Luck with this, it sounds like a great idea.
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