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questions? - 08/26/08 10:42 PM

Okay....I have been dying to ask. What does everyone do when they have to have something shipped to them say something they purchased on the internet? What does everyone do when they need to get say clothes(not a small lady so I have to specially buy). Or small electronic's like a camera or new cell phone.
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Re: questions? - 08/26/08 10:57 PM

If the items are not large or send to your local post office box. They will charge duty when you pick it up. You can also ship with One Bin or Amerijet. I find this pretty expensive anymore. Sterling Freight out of Huston or Hyde Shipping out of Miami. Allow about a month if using a shipping freight company. You will have to have a broker clear the items for you at customs. Whenever possible I try to buy here or in Belize City, much easier and you can find many things in the city now.
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Re: questions? - 08/26/08 11:23 PM

We buy online and ship to friends in the US. They package and send to us via USPS. This works for just about everything you inquired about. My oldest daughter is hard to fit so we have to order over the internet.
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Re: questions? - 08/27/08 01:21 AM

If you buy on-line and then ship it here to San Pedro,Do you have to pay Duty? I have purchased pills which no one here carries via USPS and ea. time I go to the post office.
They have opened the pkge. and each time they charge me different amts. on the "duty".Does any one know if this is common?
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Re: questions? - 08/27/08 01:46 AM

We have used USPS.

Two levels of service.
GLOBAL EXPRESS gets here in 3-7 days (maybe....)
GLOBAL PRIORITY gets here in 10-13 days (maybe.....).
It usually works fine, sometimes takes a little longer.

Post office here adds duty when you pick it up. Sometimes they open the package and make sure that it holds what is claimed on the outside of the package. I have had them re-value a Christmas present because it wasn't claimed as high enough by the person that shipped it.

Some stores will ship vis USPS and add the freight charges to your order. Sometimes we have to send it to a friend and they reship it.

Anything shipped here by USPS has to have a customs form attached where the contents are listed and the value claimed.

Avoid DHL as a shipment automatically gets around $70 BZ added to the freight cost to get it from Belize City to San Pedro.
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Re: questions? - 08/27/08 03:26 AM

Scubawalk, thanks for the info . I may just try the having friends re-ship it.
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Re: questions? - 08/27/08 05:08 PM

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From today.....

Friend sent us two shower heads valued at $20 US.
Freight was $29 US. Shipped by USPS

Duty can be anywhere from free to 100% of the value of the item. Duty is applied to the total of the claimed value of the item plus the freight plus 10% GST tax.

Duty on my shippment was $35.02 BZ
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Re: questions? - 08/28/08 03:06 AM

DHL, Fedex, and UPS also add very high charges to you for having them do the paperwork for you. It can sometimes add up to 30 to 50 Bze dollars on top of the duty and taxes charged by the GOB.
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