midwife opportunities?

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midwife opportunities? - 01/16/01 01:58 PM

I posted this on the Jobs board but got no
I have a friend who wants to know if there is any demand for a midwife/birthing center anywhere in Belize. Who could she ask about the 'red-tape' to set one up - if there is a demand, etc? it would be a business not a job but might create some jobs.
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Re: midwife opportunities? - 01/16/01 04:34 PM

In doing some Internet research recently, I came across a lengthy report on a visit to Belize by a mid-wife group. I can't recall now the name of the group or the URL but they publish a newsletter. You might search using key words Belize and mid-wife or similar and might turn it up.

There clearly is a need for this sort of thing in Belize. However, I don't know what kind of red tape one might run across in establishing it.

--Lan Sluder
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Re: midwife opportunities? - 01/16/01 05:30 PM

heyjude, I would be interesred in talking to your friend, as I am a midwife with the same idea in mind. my email is [email protected]
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Re: midwife opportunities? - 01/16/01 09:25 PM

Lan & Gaye, thanks to both of you. I passed both messages on to my friend. Jude
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Re: midwife opportunities? - 01/19/01 12:34 AM

We've got plenty of very good midwives here in Belize already. One ofmy favorites is Miss Hortense in ladyville, who has done at least a 1/2 dozen speaking engagements in the US.

Look her up if you come to Belize.

Katie Valk
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Re: midwife opportunities? - 01/19/01 04:29 AM

Nevermind Katie Valks negativism... shes always pimping for someone or other. There are many places in Belize with no midwife or birthing assistance of any kind.
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