Duty on books

Posted By: CarlosCabanas

Duty on books - 11/25/08 05:53 AM

I picked up some books the other day at the post office and they charged me 50 Belize for duty!! I was always under the impression that books did not have duty on them?? So I asked and they told me that duty was charged on a weight basis!! Absolutely ridiculous! Anyone know anything about duty?

Posted By: dabunk

Re: Duty on books - 11/25/08 05:59 AM

No duty on books.
Posted By: CarlosCabanas

Re: Duty on books - 11/25/08 06:00 AM

So why are they charging me and what recourse do I have.... go pick up my mail with a customs officer?
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Duty on books - 11/25/08 10:18 AM

I believe you are charged duty on the cost of the postage and packing and not on the weight. I had things shipped from one state to another and then sent to Belize and the post office told me they could charge duty on that as well and not just on the shipping to Belize. You may have to check with people there. I also believe it is up to the post office to charge you or not charge you. Some times I got away with it.
Posted By: dabunk

Re: Duty on books - 11/25/08 04:42 PM

Correct, duty can be charged on postage alone. Call the postmaster of Belize for clarification. We have books shipped in all the time.
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Duty on books - 11/25/08 06:17 PM

Thank you Dabunk, it is nice to know I was right.
Posted By: hpvpaul2

Re: Duty on books - 11/26/08 01:41 PM

A freind sent me three used books and the post office in Dangriga charged me $1.50BZ duty for them.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Duty on books - 11/26/08 02:27 PM

I have not paid very high duty on books and often none.

They will add in postage into duty costs sometimes and not others.

Cross fingers and hope for the best when walking through the post office doors lol.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Duty on books - 11/26/08 02:30 PM

There is also Sales Tax on many (not all) things that are not dutiable - which means not just shipping costs but actual purchse price.
Sales Tax is 10%.
Posted By: Mary1220

Re: Duty on books - 11/26/08 03:33 PM

My mother sent 1 book for my kids and we paid no duty. I use quick silver and Dianne picks up my mail.
I came in with about 50 pounds of kids books that I gave to the library paid nothing but I put them in my suit case.
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Re: Duty on books - 11/30/08 12:19 AM

I've had them "TRY" and charge me duty on about 20 used paperbacks at the northern border when I came back from the U.S. through Cancun, and when I reminded the customs officer that books were duty free, he still persisted, then I told him that I bought them at a yard sale for a shilling each, he gave up and let me pass without paying.
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