Non BTL Mail Server?

Posted By: Brent Kirkman

Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/05/09 06:26 PM

Good Morning!
Do any of you use a mail server located outside of Belize i.e. a non-BTL mail server?
We're unable to access ours (Houston) today.
IT suggests it may be a BTL router problem...
Victoria House
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/05/09 06:39 PM

Yup...major problems with BTL outgoing (smtp) server today and almost every day. One solution is to use gmail...then you bypass btl mail by going to gmail via your browser. Yahoo is the same idea but kinda funky in use.
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/05/09 09:00 PM

you can always use a purchased smtp server account. i use to clean my mail, and give me an smtp server that i can use anywhere anytime i have internet access. i travel a lot i can't be tied to the smtp for whatever isp i am using.

fastmail also has tremendous mailkeeping capabilities, its my secretary as well. multiple configurable auto responders, filing, spam removal and configuration, have some put into a maybe spam folder, others not.....

i couldn't work nearly as efficiently without fastmail. its the best $3us i spend every month!!!!

i worked for a company for awhile that had 70 traveling users. all i setup using a single fastmail smtp account. ended all the troubles with finding out the smtp server for whatever hotel various folks were in etc....
Posted By: Brent Kirkman

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/05/09 11:19 PM

Thanks Jesse and Marty,
This is our corporate server located in the US.
BTL informs me it's an AT&T issue and that they're working on it.
I've spoken with another company that uses a similar system, and they're not experiencing any problems.
Hopefully just a technical prob that'll be resolved soonish...
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 02:50 AM

think about that fastmail account. beats getting tekkies involved, i know, i am one. and i love things that work.
Posted By: shuffles

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 02:51 PM

Marty, will the fastmail work here in Belize?
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 03:02 PM

yes works ANYWHERE!!!!! the perfect all everywhere smtp server!!!! not to mention its mail sorting capabilities.

i'm telling you, with a traveling staff of 70 with laptops, the smtp problems were HUGE til i got that fastmail account. for three lousy dollars a month, cured the smtp problems for 70 traveling nerds.

everyone used the same one!!!
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 03:27 PM

Is there anything online that explains the benefits of the Fastmail service in layman's terms? I have looked at their website.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 03:45 PM

Seventy Staff.......and I thought it was you that did everything on this web site Marty!!!!!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 05:25 PM

we used fastmail in belize worked a charm
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 06:38 PM

70 staff was not this website! i worked at ISTE, international society of technology in education,

did 5 years there running their servers and maintaining a bazillion dollars worth of equipment
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 06:42 PM

4. Outgoing mail server and port
NOTE: Non-paying users cannot use the FastMail.FM SMTP server, but paying users may. Non-paying users must use their ISP's SMTP server instead.
The documentation for setting up each client shows where to put the appropriate information. To understand how this is possible, see this page for an explanation of how email is sent and received on the Internet.
 Port: 587 is preferred (read the standards document to see why), but we also support the default port 25 and port 26 as another option if the other ports are blocked
 We support encryption via SSL on port 465, as well as TLS over the any of the other ports listed above.
Our SMTP ports are for authenticated SMTP only, you'll need to make sure your software supports authenticated SMTP and also setup a username and password.
 Username: your FastMail.FM username/login name/email address (must include part)
Password: your FastMail.FM password
Posted By: Marty

Re: Non BTL Mail Server? - 02/06/09 06:47 PM

you are still at the mercy of your ISP for basic internet connection. if btl is down totally, and they are your isp, nothing will get or send mail

but if you are connected, and BTL is having mail server problems, fastmail goes around that
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