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achitects - 03/03/09 01:57 PM

Hi i am looking for some good architechs,well actually just one ,in san pedro areato help design private home.
if any one can steer me in right direction ,would be much appreciated
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Re: architechs - 03/03/09 04:35 PM

Vicky Nelder & Associates: 226-3477, San Pedro.

Check with the "Association of professional Architects of Belize" at 227-0042 for other's that are registered and licenced to practice in Belize.
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Re: architechs - 03/03/09 07:04 PM

It has been my experience that the best way to go about doing the design is to have someone in your home country (US or canada) do the design of the place and then when you get the design you want you can have someone here to the engineering plans. In general you will find more creative people in those places and then simply have the blue prints done here.
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Re: architechs - 03/03/09 08:20 PM

I disagree:
1) The registered architects in Belize are for the most part, educated/degreed in the U.S.& Canada and since they live here, they will have a better feel for a Caribbean style than an architect up north.
2) It's not practical for an architect to design without pyhsically seeing the bldg site.
3) Changes are not very practical without the architect to be available on site.
4) Less bldg expense in the long run. They know the real bldg costs here.
See what the Belize architects have to offer, then decide.
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Re: architechs - 03/04/09 12:42 AM

You can almost tell by looking at some of these resorts that the architects had no concept of Belize culture or climate.
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Re: architechs - 03/04/09 12:54 AM

Cracked up---there are a few good design/builders on this island that have proven themselves. They may not belong to the almighty self absorbed architects club but they get things done. Focus on the planes and leave the building to us.
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 02:07 AM

Vicky Nelder& Associates. Registered member of Association of Professional Architects of Belize. Vicky Nelder has over 15 yrs working experience in Ambergris Caye and Belize including resorts like Mata Chica and many private homes. She has a masters in landscaping and urban design and offers complete architectural services, consulting and is also licensed as contractor.
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 02:21 AM

Sounds like Ms.Vicky (who I have nothing but respect for)needs some work.
We all do.
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 02:25 AM

I don't see Vicki plugging herself here, just others recommending her, so whats your point?
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 02:30 AM

thank you ill give ms Vicky a call,i definatly would like that
tropical feel to our home.It sounds like a slow down in the construction area? how hard has the recession hit?
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 06:55 AM

No not vicky here, but I'm an architect myself and I have worked with her in the past so if you are looking for an architect who's honest, reliable and experienced, I recomend her, hands down. Good luck!
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 01:39 PM

Recommend that before you hire somebody to design your home, you spend a little time with magazines and books that show homes in the tropics. Get a sense of style in mind before you begin to work with an architect. Then work with the professional to adapt this style to local materials and conditions.

There is no need to be stuck with a concrete box and a couple of arches. You can do a lot more than that with local talent and materials - give it a try!

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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 05:42 PM

I tried a mainland architect that designed and atrocity that was a post modern thing like the new Tropic Air building. Had to fire them. Then got an architect from my home town that had historic interests, sent him here for a week, and he came up with a wonderful house. Everyone that has seen it loves it and it lives in well. It's different from others but has classic caribbean features, uses the land well, and catches the breezes. Besides the architect, it's important to have a good engineering drawing done (wiring, plumbing, lighting, etc), then make sure the builder understands the plans. I also agree with Diane.
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Re: achitects - 03/04/09 07:53 PM

Like anywere, there's good one's and not so good ones, the group that did the Tropic bldg is definately NOT a good one.

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