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Crime? - 04/24/09 06:14 AM

Hello everyone,

My family have been thinking of relocating to belize. At first glance Belize sounds like the perfect place to relocate. Currently i live in california, riverside county. My biggest concern is how peaceful it is there and laid back according to much of the advertisements. But doing some reseach, crime appears relativly rampant in belize. Murder, rape, robbery per capita is many times higher then the area i live in the USA and its not the best area.

We are considering purchasing 50-100 acres in south belize, small ranch 15 miles from town. Are their any Americans that relocate and purchase small ranches without problems with crime.
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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 02:12 PM

Most of the crimes you site are events that concern people who know each other - gangs, employer-employee, family.
This is not "all" but the greatest % of the events, and the bulk of those are in Belize City.

Boarder areas are locations that have issues as well - again, think boarder towns pretty much anywhere and you have a rougher trade than elsewhere. People make trouble in one jurisdiction and then flee to another ---- it's a problem worldwide.

That being said, if you are in a remote location anywhere you must provide your own security as there is nobody else to do it for you.

Basic advice - which probably applies to any rural location -
Be aware.
Don't hire people whose history you do not know.
Don't keep cash in the house.
Don't flash bling.
Don't provoke hostilities and don't humiliate anybody.
Do find and hire a reliable caretaker and pay him well.
Adopt a dog and treat it well - you'll have a fabulous burglar alarm and an incredible companion.

I think you're probably safer in Southern Belize than Riverside County, but a lot of it has to do with you.

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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 02:26 PM

Thanks for the information. We have 4 great dane's and planning to bring them with us if possible.

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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 03:03 PM

Does South Belize have many Americans or Europeans that purchase ranches and farms an live in that area. Any any additional reccomendations on locations there or elsewhere?
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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 05:23 PM

The Belize Forums message board tends to be the place where the mainland people post. I believe you can connect with some folks by way of that site.
Dave Bunk posts regularly on this (AC) site and he's down in PG - could check out his profile and send him a PM?

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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 07:33 PM

We have a home on 3 acres about 9 miles north of PG. We have lived there 5 yars now and our only problem has been a crackhead moved into our village and the stole one of our bikes. Other eople in the village made sure he did not stay around very long. Belize City is the crime hub, the rest of the country is relatively quiet and peaceful. If you come, live, respect your neighbors and try to be part of your community, you will be readily accepted and love to be here.

Yes bad things do hapen, even here in the south. There was a wonderful coule murdered last year up north. They had given much into the community and had become Belizean, but they paid their workers in cash every friday and everyone knew it. They were murdered in their home for the cash by a fired employee. It takes some getting used to but we would not want to live anywhere else.

If I could afford to I would love to live on AC, my wife and kids are beach freaks. But prices in the south are much cheaper, we bought a 5 bedroom, 2 story home on 3 acres for 90K US. Feel free to PM if you want any questions asked. Dave

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Re: Crime? - 04/24/09 10:14 PM

Toledo has the lowest homicide rate of any district in Belize, and generally among the lowest rates of other crime, according to the Belize police.

--Lan Sluder
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