TD 4

Posted By: Diane Campbell

TD 4 - 02/19/10 02:43 PM

Reminder to all employers that the TD4's for your employees are due by March 1.

Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: TD 4 - 02/19/10 03:36 PM

When I saw the header of this thread I thought it was Tropical Depression 4! Thanks for the reminder Diane.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: TD 4 - 02/19/10 03:52 PM

Different backgrounds. I immediately thought of a model of diesel Volkswagen.
Posted By: JZB

Re: TD 4 - 02/19/10 05:15 PM

Amanda, I thought the same thing! Whew. I was worried for a second.
Posted By: Phil

Re: TD 4 - 02/19/10 11:48 PM

I aslo thought of the just kidding. I thought Storm season might have flipped around with all these late fronts and a Tropical Depression was on us.
Posted By: BrusselSprout

Re: TD 4 - 03/01/10 04:40 AM

What is TD4?
Posted By: CarlosCabanas

Re: TD 4 - 03/01/10 02:03 PM

Your kidding right? TD4 is the income tax return slip that you must fill out for your employees. It is due today! Good Luck!

Posted By: BrusselSprout

Re: TD 4 - 03/03/10 03:30 AM

I'm totally not kidding...hmmm...i'd better look that up.
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