Wine making competitions

Posted By: SnoopysMom

Wine making competitions - 03/05/10 10:59 PM

After 2.5 yrs of trial and error with my wine making, I have come up with some pretty good stuff made from local products and would like to put it to the test.

I have heard stories about a wine festival every May - not sure which one or where this takes place or who I might contact to enter. Any information would be appreciated smile
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Wine making competitions - 03/05/10 11:56 PM

What flavours?
Posted By: SnoopysMom

Re: Wine making competitions - 03/06/10 12:36 AM

My best so far is a white wine made from tropical fruit, a plum and a rice (saki style). No cashew (not a fan).
Posted By: MisterB266

Re: Wine making competitions - 03/06/10 02:23 AM

Not exactly a wine festival, but I think you're thinking about the Crooked Tree Cashew Festival, where there will be a lot of cashew wine.

The festival is usually held on the first weekend in May.

You could google it and get more information.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Wine making competitions - 03/08/10 03:56 AM

It's a hoot! Don't miss it if you are in Belize that weekend.
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