Posted By: Diane Campbell

BEL - 05/03/10 02:46 PM

About BEL. Not the usual gripe - I understand the Mexican grid and all that jazz....... what I want to know is why the installers can't put wires and poles up and have a reasonable expectation that they will STAY up.
Yes it was windy last night - but it's going to blow like that every year several times.
Yes it rains, but we know that too.

The repair men are trying hard - and the customer care people are polite beyond imagining --- but the construction standards implemented by BEL seem in need of a re-think.
Posted By: Barefoot Skinny

Re: BEL - 05/26/10 07:38 AM

I agree. Go underground.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: BEL - 05/31/10 07:47 PM

They say they cannot go underground. We tried to have that done at our own expense and the request was turned down.
It made sense when they explained it, but I have forgotten by now what the reason was.
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