Detailed Belize map

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Detailed Belize map - 03/03/06 06:47 PM

I assembled this map of Belize from an old Guatemala map that I had. Even if it's not very recent and not up-to-date, it seems to have a lot of details that you don't see on the popular Belize maps that are around. I posted them up on an old site of mine, I think some of you may appreciate it. Here are the links, I put both a high and a low resolution, so for those of you with a slow connection, you will still be able to open the files, it's 15x38 inches.

Here are the addresses, you must copy the entire address including the spaces
just as it is "/Belize Lg map.jpg"

High resolution

Low Resolution
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Re: Detailed Belize map - 03/03/06 08:31 PM

I found this on-line about this map.

These maps were scanned from a 1990 map published by the Guatemalan government printing office. This map is believed to be in the public domain. As Guatemala officially claims the nation of Belize to be a Guatemala province, that country is shown on these maps as a part of Guatemala. The maps were scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi.
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Re: Detailed Belize map - 03/04/06 06:46 AM

wonderful map, thanks!!!!!
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Re: Detailed Belize map - 03/04/06 04:09 PM

You're welcome, I thought it was pretty cool, not up-to-date but certainly interesting...
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