Buyer beware - building

Posted By: collyk

Buyer beware - building - 02/25/11 09:28 PM

We had our home built three years ago. After re building the septic, rebuilding an exterior roof and having the whole house leak like a sieve, we thought that would be it. Well, no. We are now having to replace all of the wood that was used and have just found out that the wiring was done badly and dangerously. So please, just because your house looks pretty - be VERY careful who you work with.
Posted By: jweber

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/25/11 11:32 PM

i am scared to ask who your builder was,for fear i had the same builder
Posted By: collyk

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 02:01 AM

jweber, I've sent you a private message.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 02:34 PM

The biggest mistake that people make when they come here to build is to take the lowest bid. You will always get screwed. Many of our contractors simply dont know enough to be doing the job but our regs do not protect the customer. Having been in that business for over twenty years here I assure you the problem is wide spread, as a contractor I never take the low bid on any work I farm out. I use only people I know will do the job right, if they charge more, so what at least the job is done correctly and does not have to be redone. All wiremen are licensed and you take a big chance if you dont use a reputable wireman and plumber. All parts of the job are critical. Many people pay 1 1/2 times the value of their home. First they pay 3/4 thinking they are getting a good deal then it takes another 3/4 to fix everything. Usually the highest price is the correct price here. Unless you are personally skilled you can not save money. Those who say you can are not correct. Require a resume of past jobs and then try to check them out. I could write a book about the horror stories of construction on the island and it would all be true. There is little or no legal recourse against these bad contractors. Buyer beware. I have seen approved plans that could not be built on the location they were approved for as well. Sorry for your bad experiences. Selecting a competent builder is about the biggest problem in building here except of course everything is actually much more expensive than you think it should be.
Posted By: collyk

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 02:41 PM

We actually took the highest bid, which was pointless and went severely over budget.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 06:43 PM

Sorry to hear all that. It is a problem when the contractors can not accurately calculate the cost of construction. I can only imagine what happened. It is a totally unregulated industry and a lot of people have horror stories.
Posted By: Pokey

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 06:56 PM

Is your contractor standing behind his work, or are you having to pay for all the repairs?
Posted By: collyk

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 07:10 PM

Pokey. Contractor walked off before job was done and refused to put anything right. We were stupid, naive and we got taken for a ride. We take responsibility for that. We're paying to put it right. Expensive lesson to learn.

I should add that of course now we hear a litany of horror stories from same contractor - but no one seemed to want to share them previously.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 07:22 PM

Wana swap bad builder stories? I can up you one! ;-)
This has to make half the builders in town nervous and paranoid that were going to mention names!
Posted By: collyk

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 07:25 PM

Elbert. I'm sure and they should be nervous. I'd be happy to hear your worst!
Posted By: Inplub

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 08:02 PM

When will people wake up it is time to name the bad one's or more will get screwed.
Posted By: Mike Campbell

Re: Buyer beware - building - 02/26/11 09:29 PM

Much better to name names, everyone needs to know. Maybe it will save some people a bad experience and lots of money.
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