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Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 02:05 AM

If anyone would like our experiences of building in Belize, feel free to get in touch and you would be welcome to come round and see our home.
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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 05:24 AM

Hello: My wife and I are planning a trip there in late July or August and would love to talk to you about your building experiences. I would prefer to build as I do have some construction experience, but I hear it is a challenge there. We only live about 10 minutes from AZBOB here in AZ. and we are getting together for dinner next week to discuss retirement in San Pedro. I will let you know when we have the dates. Looking forward to our visit.
Thank you....Bill and Linda Dennis
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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 03:57 PM

Hi Tombstone,

When you are ready, please private message me and I'll be happy to talk to you, share experiences and show you our home if you like. Look forward to seeing you.
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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 04:53 PM

Building in any country is going to be a trying experience. What generally makes things worse here is that the client is not often around to watch the progress and of course weather, material prices/availability. You need to stay on top of every aspect of the construction and make sure it is being done right. Based on my building experiences here and in the US I can tell you that dealing with contractors is the same everywhere and requires a great deal of patience. In some cases you can get a quote for materials and labor or simply labor. My advice is shop around ask questions and spend as much time as possible watching the progress. If you know nothing about construction then hire someone who does as a consultant.

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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 05:13 PM

Definitely right Travelin Man. Even if you are here things can go wrong if you don't know what to watch for. I completely agree with the advice to hire a consultant if you feel out of your depth. We all learn from experience. One thing I did learn is that if you are going to hire anyone, make sure to see other properties that have been built and, most importantly, talk to the owners. Find out what their experiences were like and how the construction has held up. The more information you gather, the better your chances are of making a good and well informed decision.
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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/27/11 06:40 PM

I agree with both you and TravelinMan and thanks for the good advice. I have overseen the construction of many homes here it AZ. but I know I am out of my realm when it comes to the unique building issues that you have there. I would definitely rent for the time it took to build and be there 24/7 and help do whatever I physically could. Not a "spring chicken" anymore (64), but can still swing a mean hammer. Can't wait until I can be there and plan everything out. I do appreciate your suggestions.
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Re: Builders in Belize - 02/28/11 05:23 PM

We all seem to have to learn the hard way. There are some simple things we take for granted; how many drawers and what size on under the counter cabinets, the height of a breakfast bar, lights over the bathroom sink and toilet, step tread size, wood frame construction to contain electric and plumbing etc.

I had specified one set of under the counter cabinets to contain a shallow drawer for table ware. I got that but I didn’t specify that there should be 3 standard size drawers below that. I got two very deep bin like drawers instead.
My breakfast bar is not counter height it is stand up bar height.
I had order nice wall mounted lights for the bathroom only to find they had drilled holes in the cement and wired the lights in the ceiling; as they said “one over the sink and one over the toilet.”
I did not have this problem but I have been to many homes where the tread is not deep enough for a foot to stand on it and the height between treads is very steep.
I specifically had a wood frame construction building so that all the eclectic and plumbing could be interior. I cam one day to find them drilling out a channel along the floor “for the electric!” They never put anything inside the walls as they were building and did not understand why I was so upset.
You may think you are perfectly clear but translation of English to English is tricky.
OH and BTW all of the above was with gringo project managers.
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