boat for sale help?

Posted By: Noele McLain

boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 05:55 PM

Does any one have a good suggestion about how to go about selling a boat in Belize, to reach out to more than just San Pedro?

I would love to see a craigslist type classifieds listing page somewhere for the island.
I'm sure we could use craigslist, but I wanted to see if there was something already out there before going to them.

Many thanks

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 06:36 PM

San Pedro Daily Classifieds are FREE!
Posted By: Noele McLain

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 07:31 PM

We love that and you SP Sun and we use it!

I am trying to reach a market beyond San Pedro. I was thinking more ebay/craigslist types. I am not sure if there is a craigslist belize or better if anyone in Belize uses it. I'll check

Thanks for the response!

Posted By: GwenA

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 07:45 PM

If you have a boat to sell, please explain why you would want to sell it beyond Belize? Is the boat in Belize? I can't imagine someone would want to export a boat from Belize. And, if you want to sell it to someone who doesn't live here, they have to go through that Captains Test, registration etc, and I think show they own property or be a resident? I'm probably wrong. But it's such a small
place with all kinds of rules for owning boats, golf carts, etc?
Posted By: Wizardofaahs

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 07:53 PM

Gwen - It appears they want to advrtise beyond San Pedro, not necessarily Belize. I know the expats in San Pedro think of it as Belize...but there is more. Selling to someone on another island or even the mainland doesn't constitute importing or exporting and persons with licensing already in place might want to purchase the boat...
Posted By: collyk

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/03/11 08:22 PM

MizG, you might want to try the Belize Forums as they are read more widely by people from all over Belize. Belize Forums link

You could also consider a classified ad in one of the national newspapers, read on the mainland, such as the Amandala.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: boat for sale help? - 04/04/11 12:55 AM

Placencia Breeze is an idea too. Print media. Well read in that area.
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