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DirectTV - 08/29/00 02:10 AM

Cable TV will not service my location on the lagoon. Anyone have ideas about what would be the best way to go to get television reception, without cable. I undersand that Radar Disks are very expensive in San Pedro and I'm considering bringing my own DirectTV Disk and box. Anyone been through this before?
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Re: DirectTV - 08/29/00 02:34 AM

You'll need a 66" dish and a US address to qualify for subscription. Satieo Belize, located here in San Pedro Town, Ph.2901, sells, installs and services these systems at a better price than you can import yourself.
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Re: DirectTV - 08/29/00 03:38 AM

You might also check Tenchtronics
in Belize City. They are agents for Direct TV Latin America and the Caribbean. The number is in the phone book. I have Dish on Demand and when I started the system I needed to do quite a bit of "hood winking
to get going....pain in the butt!! If you can get a good system and pay for the service here, it may save some hassles. I do have the large dish such as the one mentioned by Jesse. I did not renew my subscription
4 months ago and now my family wants to desert me....I guess I will just send them out to you when you get hooked up??

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Re: DirectTV - 08/29/00 06:56 AM

Thanks for the advice fellas. And Rod, ya can keep ya fam, Iz gots the Crocks ta keep me company.
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Re: DirectTV - 08/29/00 06:45 PM

LOL @ Rod! What did ya expect? Take away their TV? Asking for trouble!...LOL
By the havent seen where Bill lives yet....if you think they hate you now....send them to "Laguna Punta" and watch what happens!....LOL

P.S. Thanks for the good info Jesse!

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